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Posted on May 13, 2010


The Content Authority is hiring writers.

In order to be considered to write for The Content Authority, visit their website and begin their writer application. You’ll be asked to write a sample of at least 150 words. I was assigned the topic “plush dolls.” Submit it into their system and you’ll receive a response regarding whether you are selected.

I just applied an hour or so before this post, so I don’t have personal experience on this one. Instead, I’m providing one I found after doing a Google search. The following is a paraphrase and synopsis of one person’s experience who posted on the WAHM website who has completed work for The Content Authority:

Once you are selected, log into the system and click on ‘Write Order’ to see a list of available articles. Select any assignment highlighted in red, since these articles are due quickly. I chose one requiring a minimum of 300 words. You have eight hours to submit the assignment after you accept it. After submitting the assignment, it shows the earnings under “My Account.” Mine reflected $2.10 and shows that the assignment must be approved by the publisher before payment will be issued. If editor approval has not occurred within 72 hours, the site will automatically approve payment.

After seeing the pay rate, I did a bit of checking around so I could find out if this will increase. I found the following from another post Just got accepted to in this forum.

>>Payment Structure:

The better quality work that you produce the higher potential pay you will receive. As you submit consistent quality work, you will then gain access to work orders that requires higher quality content. The majority of the content that is requested from buyers’ falls within the top two tiers, but that should not dissuade you from trying to gain a higher rating.

You will be paid on what quality is requested NOT what tier level you are. So, if you are a tier 2 writer and receive tier 1 work, you will be paid at the tier 1 rate. This is important when calculating how much you hope to earn each day/ week as a writer with us. With that said, if you are a tier 2 and you get a request for a tier 2 you will be paid the tier 2 rates.

Tier 1 Flat Rates

200 Words $ 1.40

300 Words $ 2.10

400 Words $ 2.80

500 Words $ 3.50

600 Words $ 4.20

700 Words $ 4.90

800 Words $ 5.60

UAW Pack* $ 7.00

Tier 2 Flat Rates

200 Words $ 2.00

300 Words $ 3.00

400 Words $ 4.00

500 Words $ 5.00

600 Words $ 6.00

700 Words $ 7.00

800 Words $ 8.00

900 Words $ 9.00

UAW Pack* $ 10.00

Tier 3 Flat Rates:

200 Words $ 3.00

300 Words $ 4.50

400 Words $ 6.00

500 Words $ 7.50

600 Words $ 9.00

700 Words $ 10.50

800 Words $ 12.00

900 Words $ 13.50

1000 Words $ 15.00

UAW Pack* $ 15.00

UAW – Stands for a Unique Article Wizard Pack, which includes one 500-word article, and two 500-word articles re-written, those that are re-written should be at least 50%-75% unique from the original.<<< info courtesy of Piccolo

As far as frequency is concerned, they state that they pay weekly.

As a personal aside, I don’t know that I will stick around TCA to see how it goes. I feel that for the amount of time I put into my work I would like to see a better return. Even looking at their highest pay scale, I don’t feel enthusiastic. That said, I am sure that there are many people who can whip out articles much quicker than I. I suppose these people could have some high dollar potential with TCA if they really put their nose to the grindstone.

Thank you WAHM for the information!

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