Writing Jobs

Under this tab, you will find writing jobs that are always hiring writers. There may be a couple that are not always hiring, but hire at different times throughout the year.

Regardless, it can’t hurt to send your standard “Dear Hiring Manager” email to these companies, customized with their name and the link to the blog post to show your interest in their positions.

By the way, if you don’t have a standard email that you put together to send out to hiring companies, you need to create one. Let me know if you need any help with that.

Check out all the jobs, and please let me know if you hear of others that I’ve not listed here. I continue to update this based on new information I find or am provided.

NOTE: Unless specifically stated, these companies may not hire writers outside the U.S. and Canada. Life Bushido and wiseGEEK DO hire foreign writers, as long as they write in very good American English. Writers and other freelancers outside the U.S. may also bid on writing jobs on Constant Content, Guru.com, Elance.com and oDesk.com.

Happy job hunting!


Content Divas seems to hire writers fairly regularly.  To be considered, email the company at employment@contentdivas.com.

What will they require from you?  Two writings samples as follows:

  • One 500-word article and one 300-word blog post.
  • You don’t get paid for either.
  • They don’t use the samples, they are yours to keep.
  • Their reasoning is that they need you to write the samples to make sure that you are the author.

There are very few companies that don’t require a sample article; however, most pay you for it.

They pay $18 per 1000-word article; however, that “1000-word article” may be divided into 500-word articles and/or 250-word blog posts.  I’ve often seen 300-word blog post assignments mixed with 500-word articles, too.

So, in reality, you only make $9 per article or around $4.50 per blog post.  After completing several “packages” or “half-packages,” you may be qualified for higher paying writing jobs at Content Divas.  If I understand the package assignments correctly, a package involves 30,000 words or more, and a half-package has 15,000 words that span 30 business days and 15 business days, respectively.

If writing a 30,000-word article, you make $540, and for 15,000 words you make $270.  I saw a post by a Content Divas editor recently that mentioned she could sometimes complete four articles in an hour, and she made significant income from it.  I could see that if you are editing documents; however, I have difficulty imagining four 500-word documents written from scratch in one hour … even if no research is involved.  And, $540 isn’t significant unless you’re completing several assignments simultaneously.

When an assignment begins, the writer is required to complete and submit into the system 1000 words per day of the assignment — Monday through Friday.  A Content Divas editor told me that press releases pay $50 each, but you must be referred by one of their editors to be “promoted.”  Other writing assignments include ebooks and reports.

Shelby Larson, the owner of the company, said that she has been around for several years writing web material.  She’s created quite a machine with Content Divas.


The wiseGEEK company used to put out writer ads under the name “Write for Conjecture,” a company that publishes articles on wiseGEEK.com and a couple of other websites.  They often look for writers to write articles on the following subjects, but they issue orders for other topics, too:

  • Business
  • Technology
  • Science
  • Finance
  • Engineering

They are quite specific in their writing style — succinct and to the point.  Other requirements and aesthetics for their writer positions are as follows:

  • You work as an independent contractor.
  • You get a byline — includes your name, bio and picture.
  • Pay is $10 to $14 per article.
  • You pick the articles from their system with around 500 to choose from.
  • You are paid via PayPal, typically within 4 business days of submitting articles.
  • Minimum average length of 400 words per article.
  • They REQUIRE a minimum of 10 articles per month or else you are canceled as a writer.
  • wiseGEEK prefers 5 articles a week or more.
  • They own all content after submission — you release all rights.
  • They hire writers from all over the world; HOWEVER, you must have strong American English writing skills.
  • You pick articles from their database of available articles.

To become a wiseGEEK writer if you are a U.S. citizens apply here.

Non-U.S. citizens apply as follows — the information I found on wiseGEEK’s website is below:

Send an email to wisegeek@wisegeek.com. Include in the body of the email —

  1. Your Full Name
  2. Resume — within the email, or simply include a paragraph or two about your writing experience
  3. Writing Sample #1
  4. Writing Sample #2
  5. Country of Citizenship
  6. Country of Residence

After applying, wiseGEEK takes you through three testing phases of three articles each. Below is a quote from wiseGEEK’s website that provides more detail:

How do I become a wiseGEEK writer?

We’ll review your application usually within three days of receiving it. We’ll get back to you either way, but if we like your application, we’ll invite you to go through our writing test. If you pass the test, you’ll be welcome to contribute as many quality articles as you like.

What is the test like?

The writing test consists of three separate phases. Each phase, or batch, consists of three articles. You’ll get to choose the three articles that make up your batches. Once you submit a batch, an editor will review your work and let you know if you passed that phase. Complying with the writing style guide and applying the editor’s comments will determine whether you pass each stage of the testing process. If you pass all three phases, you’ll be welcomed to regularly contribute articles.

Will I be paid for the articles produced in the testing process?

Yes, we pay the normal rate for the articles you submit during the testing process, assuming they represent a good faith effort and do not contain plagiarism or non-100%-unique content.

How long does the testing process take?

Deadlines will be provided to testing writers at each stage of the process. Writers typically have up to four days to produce a batch. The entire testing process is generally completed within two weeks.

What happens if I pass the testing phase?

If you pass the testing phase, you’ll be asked to complete a formal contract and tax form. Once we receive that completed paperwork, an editor will be assigned to you, and you’ll be welcome to contribute as many quality articles as you’d like, but at least an average of five per week, or 20 per month.

What information do I need to provide to apply?

We request a resume and two writing samples. Ideally, writing samples should be in a similar style to wiseGEEK articles (e.g., encyclopedic rather than blog-like or narrative), but anything that represents your writing ability is sufficient. If you are invited to test with us, you’ll be asked to provide your PayPal address and your preferred byline. If you pass the testing process, you’ll be asked to complete a formal, written contract and tax form as required by the IRS. This paperwork will require that you provide us with your address, formal name, and social security number.


Although, eCopywriters pays their senior writers relatively well, it may take some time to arrive at that status.  According to the company’s system information, there are 5 levels paid 1.8 cents per word to 5 cents per word.  I believe I received an e-mail from them recently indicating they would be broadening their levels to 7.

After being accepted as a writer for eCopywriters, you typically start off at Level 1 or Level 2.  The system indicates that you could be promoted to the next level within 3-4 weeks.  They say the criteria for “promotion” depends on the quality of your writing and how often you accept and submit assignments. I have to say, though, I don’t know anyone above a Level 2. Not to say that there isn’t. I just don’t know any.

The company offers 7 levels paid as follows:

  • Level 1 = 1.8 cents per word
  • Level 2 = 2 cents per word
  • Level 3 = 3 cents per word
  • Level 4 = 4 cents per word
  • Level 5 = 5 cents per word
  • Level 6 = 10 cents per word
  • Level 7 = 15 cents per word


That means for a 500-word article you are paid $9.00 at a Level 1 or $10.00 at a Level 2.

I initially applied to the company and was accepted in April of 2009, but was busy with other projects. I believe I was originally assigned a Level 2. I finally considered taking on some of their assignments in October of 2009.  I misunderstood the pay levels, though. I thought the pay was 18 cents per word for a Level 1, 20 cents for a Level 2, and so on.  I became very excited at the possibilities. After submitting several articles, I finally realized what the pay actually was.

In addition, the pay timeframe is quite lengthy. I was paid on 2/1/10 for all articles I completed and submitted from 10/14/09 to early-December 2009. That is 3-1/2 months to get paid for the first article I submitted.  In addition, I completed assignments for them from mid-October to early December 2009 and have yet to be “promoted” again.

When accepting eCopywriters assignments, the system only allows you to claim one article at a time.  When you complete the one assignment and submit it into the system, you may claim another.  If you do not complete an article within the assigned timeframe, the system will reclaim the assignment and you have to claim the assignment again.

The writer section of the eCopywriters website is very organized.  You will find everything you need to take on new assignments, since details are provided in the system – article title, specific keywords to be used, content expected and how many words should be contained in the article.  If you write more words than assigned, you may or may not be paid for them.  It all depends on the final, edited article.

One caveat you need to be aware of if you decide to write for eCopywriters is that even if you are accepted as a writer, you may be dismissed if your articles require too much editing.

My experience is that the people behind eCopywriters are friendly, helpful and easy to work with.

Interested in writing for eCopywriters?  Register here.  The system will send you an e-mail with further instructions on how to be considered to write for the company.  I believe one sample article is required for consideration or maybe samples of past articles.


I have to admit Loud Bus pays their writers more than many of the websites out there today.  It was college-oriented content and posted articles are on subjects relative to college students and what impacts their lives, but it may have changed. I noticed none of their links work, except the one that takes you to a page that mentions their relaunch at this link — http://www.loudbus.com/.

How much does Loud Bus pay? A whopping $25.00 per article.

I say “whopping,” because businesses are paying writers less and less.  The average pay for jobs I’m offered nowadays is around $10 per 500+ word article.  That’s not a whole lot unless you want to work night-and-day, day-and-night and not have a life.

If you’re like me, though, you don’t put all your eggs in one basket.  Instead, you keep your best paying jobs and apply for all promising writing leads you can find.  When you get better ones, you give notice at one or more of the others.

Many of the great paying jobs I have limit me to how many articles I can submit to them per week/month.  So, I must have a multiple of jobs in my schedule to pay the bills.  Also, one company for which I work occasionally goes on hiatus, so I have to always be ready to find ways to fill the gap.

I have to say for all the hundreds of jobs I’ve applied for over the past several years, I have only been offered, maybe, 5 percent of them.  Could be more, not sure.  I can tell you that most of them offered me $10 or less.  Asian and Middle Eastern companies typically offered $2 per article or post; although, one company from India (near east?) offered a tier for 1st submission, corrected copy and final copy that totaled, maybe, $12.00.

But, let’s get back to Loud Bus.

See below to see how to be considered to write for Loud Bus. Keep in mind this may have changed, so email them before going to all the trouble of completing a sample.

  • Submit an initial email to Loud Bus at editor@loudbus.com.
  • If they are still hiring, they will require you submit a 750-word article sample.
  • If they are interested, you will receive an email with an agreement attached that you will be required to sign BEFORE you can work for Loud Bus.

It’s that easy.


Demand Media Studios (DMS — previously Demand Studios) is always hiring writers; however, there is one important factor that sets this company apart from the rest —

DMS currently (subject-to-change) offers medical insurance:

  • No deductible or co-pay
  • Guaranteed acceptance and no disclosure of family medical history
  • Pre-existing conditions covered
  • Beech Street Network PPO Plans
  • 24/7 Registered Nurseline access
  • Patient Advocacy Service
  • Discount Prescription Drug Card

DMS Freelancer Eligibility:

  • Must be a DMS writer (or copy editor or filmmaker)
  • Worked for DMS, at least, 3 months
  • Averaged 30 articles a month (for the three previous months worked at DMS) as a writer (copy editor reviewed 200 articles/month or filmmaker made 30 videos/month)

DMS pays via PayPal. Their pay for articles is mostly according to the difficulty of article as follows:

  • $3.00 per “tip” article
  • $7.50 per article
  • $10.00 per article
  • $15.00 per article
  • $17.50 per article
  • Revenue share — paid out once a month on 10th
  • Special Assignments that pay much more — from $20 to $100 per article

Flat fee articles approved by an editor by:

  • Sunday 11:59 PST are paid the following Tuesday
  • Wednesday 11:59 PST are paid the following Friday

If you are interested in becoming a writer (or copy editor or filmmaker) for Demand Media Studios, click here to access their application page. Follow the prompts and provide the requested information, and you’ll be on your way to be considered as a writer for DMS.


Break Studios hires writers from the US only through the company’s website at http://breakstudios.break.com/.

To begin the application process, visit the website. Click on the “Apply Now” button and fill out all the information requested.

They pay $8 per 250 – 700 words.

They have similar writing standards to Demand Media Studios that include adding references and resources, but I think that Break Studios also requires three suggestions for other titles. I believe they adhere to the AP writing style.


Okay, this might be the best writing gig ever if you can get your articles accepted. Write for AOL’s Seed.com website and pick your own assignments. The only drawback is that you may put a lot of time into writing something that ends up being rejected. You are not guaranteed that your submissions will be accepted.

What is the pay? You pick. Article picks can be found starting at $10 and pay up to $100, from what I have seen so far. I also understand there are articles that only pay per view, so you get nothing up front when it’s completed.

Applying is simple. Go to http://www.seed.com/ and register for a free account.

Click on “Get Started” and fill out the required information. You’ll receive an email from Seed that gives you a password. Click on the link and enter the password. Now, peruse the assignments, pick one out, write it and submit it. You will receive a response at some point as to whether or not your submission was accepted.

Keep in mind you could be competing with a horde of other writers.

For more information about writer expectations and Seed’s processes, click on the “Writer” link on the site’s home page.


Life Bushido is always be looking for new writing talent. They are currently looking for 100 writers with MBAs for special assignments. Go to the end of this post for more information.

I finally inquired and found out that Life Bushido pays $10 per hour for 5 – 20 hours per week; however, they only start you off working five hours per week. Everyone starts at the bottom at Life Bushido.

It is actually quite a long, drawn-out process to be considered to write for Life Bushido. You send them an initial email notifying them of your interest in working for them at jobs@lifebushido.com.

They will send you documents that outline the application process. One week later, you will receive a notification on how to submit your application. They give a response as to whether they will use you by the 10th of the following month. If you are selected, you will work for the next month, then you and Life Bushido will decide if it is working out.

Everyone starts doing a mix of work like data entry, writing, editing, web research and other general tasks. For the most part, their internal work/hour capture system notes the time for which you work.

Below is a quote about jobs from the Life Bushido website with more detail:

  • The work involves all the work needed to run the ventures listed on this website.
  • The work starts at 5 hours per week.  If your work is good, you can increase to up to 20 hours per week.  After a few months, we mutually explore your unique talents and the needs of Lifebushido ventures to determine the best work to fit your unique talents.
  • We hire people from around the world.  Lifebushido is run solely by people working part-time from home around the world.

They are also hiring 100 MBAs for a special project as follows:

Special Project – Mom MBAs
We are seeking 100 stay-at-home-moms who are MBA graduates of top 25 business schools for a top secret project.  For more information, tell us about yourself, your MBA school/year, and area of specialty in an email to mba@lifebushido.com.

The company also hires year-round for part-time unpaid entrepreneurial MBA internships. If interested, visit this webpage — http://lifebushido.com/mba.html.


DRX Research is an academic and marketing research company in the UK that hires a variety of positions, including freelance writers. The most recent ad I saw noted the need for freelance writers who specialize in finance and, what they call, “econometrics.” They need academic and other freelance writers at times, also, depending upon the need.
Qualifications noted were as follows:
  • Hold at least a masters degree or equivalent.
  • Possess good academic research skills.
  • Have an excellent command of written English.
  • Ability to use statistical software packages and understand the research methods.
  • Be capable to do primary research, quantitative/qualitative research.
  • Have access to the Internet, email and able to access e-journal or academic databases.
  • Be responsible and willing to work under pressure to meet strict deadline.
  • At least three (3) years’ experience.

When I was initially contacted about the job, I was grilled about my knowledge of APA Style, so make sure you’re knowledgeable about academic style writing. I answered the questions correctly, but only because I had just graduated from college in 2004 and some of that information was still somewhat fresh in my memory. In addition, I do not have a MBA, only a BA, but they still considered me.

If you meet all qualifications, send your cover letter and resume to admin@drxcareer.co.uk. Check out their website for details about the company.

The company told me they paid $15 to $30 per 1,000 words. When I told them I needed more toward the maximum, I never heard back from them. Then, I saw their new job ad posting with lower (maybe $15 per article?) pay noted.

You will be required to provide one sample for consideration.


LIVESTRONG™.com is always hiring health writers. When you click on the link to apply, you see that the writing responsibilities fall under Demand Media Studios (DMS), a company that offers a fairly decent healthcare plan (subject to change) for writers that meet certain criteria. For more details, please see the DMS post.

To apply for Livestrong™, click on this link.

The Livestrong™ ad always states the following:

LIVESTRONG™.com is a leading online destination for health-related tips and advice, attracting more than 4.2 million visitors every month. To ensure LIVESTRONG™.com visitors are consistently presented with the best answers to their diverse health-related questions, we are looking for freelance writers to create informative articles on thousands of unique topics. As a writer for LIVESTRONG™.com, you’ll be able to share your health knowledge with a large and vibrant community while earning a reliable paycheck and extending your personal brand on one of today’s leading health websites.


* Claim assignments from our database that you’re most interested and qualified to write about

* Assignments vary in length and format with most averaging 300-500 words and addressing thousands of unique topics such as diabetes, cancer, nutrition, mental health and exercise

* Payments are issued twice a week for each completed article. Current writers earn an average of $20 – $25 range depending on their familiarity with the topics and their writing speed

* Your byline follows each article helping build exposure and authority around your name and writing

* Tenured writers gain access to affordable group health care

QUALIFICATIONS:  Candidates must have one or more of the following qualifications:

* Masters of Science in a medical field

* Accreditation in health

* Experience writing about health-related topics in a medical or health magazine, newspaper, journal, blog or other health website


The Content Authority is hiring writers.

In order to be considered to write for The Content Authority, visit their website and complete their writer application. You’ll be asked to write a sample of at least 150 words. I was assigned the topic “plush dolls.” If you don’t like the required writing, keep refreshing your browser until you find one in which you’re interested.

Submit your application and you’ll receive a response regarding whether you are selected.

I just applied an hour or so before this post, so I don’t have personal experience on this one. Instead, I’m providing one I found after doing a Google search. The following is a paraphrase and synopsis of one person’s experience who posted on the WAHM website who has completed work for The Content Authority:

Once you are selected, log into the system and click on ‘Write Order’ to see a list of available articles. Select any assignment highlighted in red, since these articles are due quickly. I chose one requiring a minimum of 300 words. You have eight hours to submit the assignment after you accept it. After submitting the assignment, it shows the earnings under “My Account.” Mine reflected $2.10 and shows that the assignment must be approved by the publisher before payment will be issued. If editor approval has not occurred within 72 hours, the site will automatically approve payment.

After seeing the pay rate, I did a bit of checking around so I could find out if this will increase. I found the following from another post Just got accepted to thecontentauthoriy.com in this forum.

>>Payment Structure:

The better quality work that you produce the higher potential pay you will receive. As you submit consistent quality work, you will then gain access to work orders that requires higher quality content. The majority of the content that is requested from buyers’ falls within the top two tiers, but that should not dissuade you from trying to gain a higher rating.

You will be paid on what quality is requested NOT what tier level you are. So, if you are a tier 2 writer and receive tier 1 work, you will be paid at the tier 1 rate. This is important when calculating how much you hope to earn each day/ week as a writer with us. With that said, if you are a tier 2 and you get a request for a tier 2 you will be paid the tier 2 rates.

Tier 1 Flat Rates

200 Words $ 1.40

300 Words $ 2.10

400 Words $ 2.80

500 Words $ 3.50

600 Words $ 4.20

700 Words $ 4.90

800 Words $ 5.60

UAW Pack* $ 7.00

Tier 2 Flat Rates

200 Words $ 2.00

300 Words $ 3.00

400 Words $ 4.00

500 Words $ 5.00

600 Words $ 6.00

700 Words $ 7.00

800 Words $ 8.00

900 Words $ 9.00

UAW Pack* $ 10.00

Tier 3 Flat Rates:

200 Words $ 3.00

300 Words $ 4.50

400 Words $ 6.00

500 Words $ 7.50

600 Words $ 9.00

700 Words $ 10.50

800 Words $ 12.00

900 Words $ 13.50

1000 Words $ 15.00

UAW Pack* $ 15.00

UAW – Stands for a Unique Article Wizard Pack, which includes one 500-word article, and two 500-word articles re-written, those that are re-written should be at least 50%-75% unique from the original.<<< info courtesy of Piccolo

As far as frequency is concerned, they state that they pay weekly.

As a personal aside, I don’t know that I will stick around TCA to see how it goes. I feel that for the amount of time I put into my work I would like to see a better return. Even looking at their highest pay scale, I don’t feel enthusiastic. That said, I am sure that there are many people who can whip out articles much quicker than I. I suppose these people could have some high dollar potential with TCA if they really put their nose to the grindstone.

Thank you, WAHM, for the information!


If you’re looking for a new writing opportunity, Writer Access can provide that.

I was accepted a day or two after I applied.

Visit the Writer Access writer’s application page. Fill out the information and you should be accepted within a few days.

Once accepted, fill out your profile, check out jobs and navigate the site. Writer Access has just a few expectations that are standard for writers — e.g., don’t write in first person, etc.

The site has a simple format for job assignments. When accepting an assignment, you will see details for the article as follows:

  • Required Keywords
  • Optional Keywords
  • Minimum words required
  • Maximum words allowed
  • Maximum Pay
  • Time within which you must complete the assignment — just checked out a few and they all say “four hours”
  • To claim an article, click on the “Work This Item” button at the button of the page

Although their homepage for the writer application says “you can name your own price,” you actually select assignments from their list. Maybe that’s how you name your own price, you only select the ones you want to do.

I was accepted at a Level 3. I assume that is the standard level that they accept all their writers, but I could be wrong. Don’t know if you can progress to high levels, but I would assume so.

The pay is quite minimal, at least, for Level 3:

  • 250-word article = $2.10
  • 350-word article = $7.11

It’s not substantial, but if you need supplemental income and writing experience, this might be a good place to start.

UPDATE — 1/14/2011

I petitioned Writer Access to promote me a level and just received a response that they did. I am now a Level 4. What is surprising, though, is the pay:

  • 650-word article pays $33.58
  • 300-word article pays $15.19

As far as Level 3 payments, initially a 300-word article paid $7.11, but 650-word articles probably paid $15 or more.

I also noticed the time to complete the articles was changed to 72 hours.

I change my mind about Writer Access. I think I’ll do some articles for them!


CopyPress is always hiring writers.

I did a bit of research and found that the content site is the child of BlueGlass. They call themselves a full-service marketing company. They’ve had the content production in the alpha stage, until they launched the beta version on November 2, 2010.

For information on the company, visit the CopyPress home page or to apply, visit the CopyPress application page.

As always, I apply for new jobs I find, so that I can report my experience.

Days after I applied, I received the following email from a company representative:

“Dear applicant,

Thank you for your interest in writing for CopyPress. Before we move forward and hire you as a freelance writer we need to confirm with you a few things.

As a new writer you will typically be assigned campaigns that will be on a payment level of 1-2 cents per word. You will have the possible opportunity to receive higher paying campaigns as time progresses and after your work has shown quality and consistency. The campaign pay levels can vary from .01 to about .05, this is never a permanent amount We also ask our writers to be able to commit to writing 3,000 words per week. This does not guarantee that all writers will be provided at least 3,000 words a week as assignments are dependent on campaign availability, but we feel that a writer should have the capacity to contribute at least this much when situation demands it. Overdue work is unacceptable and we ask that you only commit to writing for us if you can provide your work on time and consistently meet your deadlines.  Please keep this information in mind when responding to this email & committing to working for us.

If you are still interested in writing for BlueGlass (under the above terms), please respond to this email message at your earliest convenience. Please note this is the next step in the process and does not necessarily mean you will be selected. However, we need to receive your personal acceptance of these terms in order to move forward in this process.”

They require a lot out of their writers with no guarantee of how much they will be paid, so I am not sure how pleasant it would be to write for this company.


Want to make $20 to $30 per article? Write for Neutral Existence.

Here’s the quote from the website:

Neutral Existence is currently in need of talented writers to help us build a large database of environmental articles.

We have two options available for potential writers:

OPTION 1: Exclusive Articles

Exclusive articles are articles which are written specifically for the Neutral Existence website where exclusive rights will be granted to Neutral Existence for a period of no less than 60 days, at which point the article may be freely distributed across the internet. The article will be shown on the main website or blog and published to our list in the form of a newsletter. This will give the author more traffic to their website as well as establishing a sense of authority in this market.

Neutral Existence will pay $20 to $30 per each published exclusive article and the author could possibly earn a spot as a staff writer with a monthly salary. We will be quite selective about the articles we will publish as the quality and content must meet a certain level of professionalism. If published 1/2 of the payment will be paid up front and the remaining half will be paid at the end of 60 days considering no duplicates are found elsewhere on the internet.

OPTION 2: Non Exclusive Articles

Non exclusive articles are those articles which have previously been published on the internet. Because of the nature of article syndication and the possible penalties given by Google to duplicate content, Neutral Existence will not be paying money to authors of previously published articles. However, we still feel that your articles will bring more value to our readers and members and therefor we will do everything we can to make sure you are compensated for your work.

We will host your previously published articles on our site, in the resource area, with YOUR Google Adsense advertisements in the article (your option). This will require that you sign up for an Adsense account and give us your unique “google_ad_client” (example: pub-8684203315917655) and we will insert the Adsence add in the article to create profits for you. you may also have your signature line at the end of your article where readers can click through to your websites. This combination will bring your websites more traffic and produce an additional income.

Adam Beazley
Neutral Existence LLC

Contact information for Neutral Existence is as follows:

Contact Us

Toll Free Number:

1-800-991-ECO1 (3261),  8AM – 8PM CST, MON-SAT

Contact Email:


Headquarters (for all communication):

Neutral Existence LLC

409 Lodge Drive
Lafayette, LA 70506


I spoke with a company representative and he said that they are not always hiring, but sometimes do. If you want to be considered, simply submit an inquiry through their email address noted above.


Suite 101 is an article database that pays writers revenue share. You’ve probably already heard about the company. It’s been around for over 10 years and hosts a bevy of writers. Some call it Suh-weet 101, since they say they reap bountiful rewards from it. Okay, they don’t really call it that, but, based on the rewards they note, maybe they should.

Others are not so impressed. They say that writers receive a very tiny percentage of revenue share, compared to what the company retains.

Accepted as a writer for Suite 101 some time ago, I have yet to post an article there. I always thought you couldn’t make money on the site. Well, it appears I may be wrong … but it may take a couple of years to realize the profits. Keep in mind, though, after you write the article, it’s all passive income until the cows come home.

I mention this, because I’ve seen recent posts on other writers’ blogs noting the income generated from articles they’ve written for Suite 101 — $17, $24, $27 and other amounts. Most timeframes to cumulate this income was over a period of 1 to 2 years. That’s not bad income if you submit articles on topics that take very little time to write about, and you write lots of them. I can write an article on a topic on which I am very familiar in around 15 minutes. It may take other writers even less time.

The other benefits to writing for Suite 101 include visibility as a professional writer, backlinks to your blog to generate more traffic and they attribute articles to you and include your bio. When applying to write for companies, they often want to see articles attributed to you. If you write a lot of content as a ghostwriter, you have ready writing samples attributed to you as a Suite 101 author. You can display your talent to other companies and use the links to these articles as sample work for your standard email introduction. I’ve even heard that some writers receive job offers simply because a company ran into their displayed talent in Suite 101.

Suite 101 offers their writers free professional writing instruction, SEO strategies and lots of other truly useful information for writing articles. They have lots of resources available to writers in written form. You can reference them anytime you have a question or want to learn more about Internet content writing.

Sounds like a win-win-win situation all around.

To be considered to write for Suite 101, simply visit the company’s website and apply.

You, too, could end up earning Suh-weet 101 profits.


Constant Content provides a service to customers needing website content and writers wanting to get paid for writing website content.

Customers needing content submit orders on which writers must bid. Some writers complete enough orders that customers contact them directly for content. These writers can often charge more.

Part of the site’s function is also as an article consignment shop. Writers create content and make it available for sale on the site. The company accepts US and UK writers.

I registered with Constant Content, but have yet to provide article samples for customers to purchase. I’ve seen a lot of requests for $10 -$20 for 500-word articles, but there are others that pay $30 – $50 and more at times.

For each order on which you bid, you must complete one-third of the article and submit it on a request form, along with other article-related information. The customer receives the orders and decides on which writer to use. Customers may receive 100 bids or more for one job.

To gain access to the database of orders, writers register with the site, create a profile with credentials (upload copy of certifications and degrees), samples and even articles available for purchase. Writers may sign up to receive email notifications for article orders on certain topics and bid on new orders available.

To become a Constant Content writer, all you have to do is create an account. For more information, visit the company’s writer FAQssubmission guidelines and Author Forums. You don’t have to be an approved Constant Content writer to ask questions.

39 Responses “Writing Jobs” →
  1. Hi there! Thanks for this great resource. Do you know anything about 577WEST.com — a site free site that is supposed to connect writers with jobs. I don’t know much about it other than a colleague said she tried it and found work. I think it is new…


    Faye Baumgartner

    • Hello, Faye, we appreciate your visit. I am really glad to hear that this site is helpful to you. I have not heard about 557West.com until you mentioned it, but I’ll definitely check into it and post something here. Thank you for pointing this site out to us, and please come back and visit often!


  2. Hello and thanks for such a clear-eyed review of the write for hire sites online. Appreciate the amount of research you’ve done!


  3. John Watson

    February 3, 2011

    Hey there, great research. Thanks so much for putting this together. Have you heard of this site http://www.asiawriters.com They claim to be an American company, but I heard a lot of complaints about them being a scam, and I have even verified an authorized use of the PARW/CC (The Professional Association of Resume Writers & Career Coaches) logo. Anyways. Do you know of any other good sites that pay well for non-US writers who speak good US English? Or do you know any good British sites?

    • Hello, there. Thank you, so glad you appreciate the growing list of jobs. I have not heard of this company, but I just applied as I do for all the jobs I post here. Should know fairly soon if they are legit or not.

      Non-US writers may write for wiseGEEK and Life Bushido, which are always hiring. The pay to write articles for wiseGEEK is $10 and $14, and they pay around two days after articles are accepted. If you look under “Writing Jobs,” you’ll see all the info for both companies.

      I understand that Content Corp also accepts non-US writers, but I don’t know much about the company. Also, Right Copywriter, ContentMantra and Article Content Provider may hire non-US writers.

      Hope that helps!


      • I submitted my application to Asia Writers on the Feb. 3rd and was accepted on the Feb. 4th. Look out, though, folks. This site hires writers to write academic content, which means you will be creating papers for college students. Bottom line, you’ll be helping students at all academic levels cheat.

        I don’t condone this type of behavior at all, nor do I judge those who decide to write for this kind of company. You gotta make a living somehow. They don’t pay very well, though. I think I saw pay from $3 per page to $17.50 per page. That’s nothing when you do all the research, write all the content and cite all the sources.

  4. whatlittlethings

    February 10, 2011

    After focusing on your blog posts, I just noticed that you had this list! =) Great resource, Sherry!


  5. John Watson

    February 21, 2011

    Thanks so much, very helpful. Yes, I do think it really defeats the purpose of college if you have someone else complete your papers. I tried to do one of the papers, but at the payrate, with the amount of work that had to be done, was hardly worth the effort. I heard a lot of writers complaining that they never received their money. I wrote to the PARW/CC, (of whose banner they had proudly displayed) and they replied that they have never heard of asiawriters.com. At either rate, the site stinks, I would advise everyone to stay away from this site. Thanks for the info, I went ahead and registered on a few


    I published a few articles that I had already written a while ago there. The editors said that they were very impressed with my work, so whoo me. Over about a week I have earned 11 cents. Not a lot, but it could increase with time. The lifetime payout also sounds pretty good.

  6. Hi, John. That is very interesting information. They display certification that they do not hold … hmmm. There are many other sites that are always hiring and I will be posting them over the next few weeks. Good for you in posting your articles on Suite 101. Hopefully, you’ll gain some decent passive income from this. Keep up the good work!

  7. Very informative for the writer and for the person looking for a writer – THANKS!

  8. That’s my hope, Krystal, that this growing list helps writers who have a difficult time finding companies for which to work.

  9. I find this all very interesting, though as a poet wishing to make a little money I failed to see any jobs you had to offer dealing with my career choice. I was wondering if I had perhaps miss read something or if you had any information on companies that are looking for poets? If so fill free to email me at shoelessboywonder@yahoo.com otherwise thank you for the information and I hope you have a wonderful life.

    • I just read the information under your “Shoeless” section on your blog and saw that you are originally from Kansas. That’s where I live, near Kansas City, KS. In regards to poetry, this blog focuses primarily on writing web and print content. Generally, companies don’t often hire writers to write poems as content for their websites or magazines. Of course, there are magazines that hire writers to write poetry, and publishers do pay writers to write books on poetry. Under the “Writing Contests” tab of my blog you’ll find many contests that include poems. It’s not updated with current contests, but the sites mentioned typically schedule the same contests every year. “Writer’s Market” is a book that many writers use to market their talent free-of-charge. It is a book that includes most, if not all, of the publications available — magazines, newspapers and all other types of publications. My suggestion is that you do the following:

      1. Find all the legitimate contests out there that include poetry and begin submitting your poems. This way, you have a chance to get published and paid for your work … but it usually costs something to submit your work(s). I did a cursory Google search that resulted in a plethora of contests for chapbooks — compilations of poetry. Here’s a site that popped up on the results that had a long list of contest at this link — http://www.poetryresourcepage.com/contests/ccontests.html.

      2. (Least expensive method) Buy a copy of the “Writer’s Market” 2010 Deluxe Edition (comments noted that 2011 edition has big issues) — cheapest ones seem to be on Amazon.com (around $10 US). Comb through the endless list of publications that accept poems. It costs nothing to submit them to these publications. You’ll have to put together query letters or proposals, depending on the requirements, and don’t forget to become familiar with the language used in each noted publication — see the Glossary in the back of the “Writer’s Market” book.

      Good luck. I wish you the best!

  10. naturally like your web site however you need to test the spelling on quite a few of your posts. A number of them are rife with spelling issues and I to find it very bothersome to inform the reality however I’ll definitely come back again.

    • Always entertaining to read someone complain about spelling and/or grammar when their post is full of spelling and grammar issues. 🙂

  11. hi Sherry, thanks a bunch for this information. we need more people like you all over the internet! I am a Kenyan citizen and have been writing for AMS for sometime now but having read this on your site, it seems like they are a textmill with their low pay. I would greatly appreciate it if you could inform on which article writing sites to join that are open to signing non US or UK citizens but Africans instead,and in particular, accept Kenya.
    Thank you again!

    • Hello, Michael. So glad you dropped by and thank you for the great kudos. There are many low-paying content mills available that provide a great service for beginning writers. After you’ve developed your skill, however, I suggest that you work for higher-paying content mills or even respond to ads you’ll find listed on job websites. I know LifeBushido and wiseGEEK hire international writers, as long as you can write in very good American English. I don’t know what LifeBushido pays, but wiseGEEK pays $10 and $14 US per 400 to 500-word article. Also, look under the “Writing Jobs” tab MAIN page — not any of the other pages listed there — and the introduction gives you some suggestions. I would definitely check out the bid sites listed there, since many hire international writers. Actually, I see many international companies submitting jobs on those bidding sites. Finally, I would check out the list of job sites on one of my previous posts. Sign up with a few of them and create automatic notifications for freelance writing jobs. Keep looking, my friend. You will find better-paying jobs.


  12. I don’t want to appear crazy, but I just would like to state this really is a very good post. I have been working very vigorously throughout the previous couple long years in order to pay off several of my debt so that I will be able to resign my job and just run blogs as a career.

  13. Hi Sherry,
    i checked out WiseGEEK and a couple of blogs on it and most of them say that they are not hiring at the moment. Sorry to task you like this but is it confirmed that wiseGEEk is indeed hiring? I also got round to reading on TCA who may accept international writers. I find the term ‘international writers’ very vague and should instead be categorized to specify continents or something as i still don’t know if the sites i visited have previously accepted writers from Africa. Thank you again.

  14. Hey Michael.

    I don’t think TCA has an IP checker and does not require you to fill out an address if you are not in the US. As long as you have a working Paypal account and your work is good, I believe there is a good chance that you will get accepted. I would go ahead and fill out the form, as they are not always hiring.

    Good Luck

  15. Hi Noel,

    I tried my luck with TCA but i realized that they may take forever to respond,as they say review depends on the number of applicants,which i assume is in the millions. I am yet to try wiseGEEK although it says i should attach my resume. I am an IT specialist here in Kenya and i don’t quite see how my resume,with all its formatting and lingo will help my chances with them. London Brokers was a good place to start but i feel i need to up-the-income a bit. I have tried some of the websites listed and i get errors that they either cant open or have viruses. So,of the list of sites on this page,which ones are pretty much as straight forward as London Brokers in application and pay. Thanks for the major assistance.

  16. Hey Sherry

    I found your post REALLY useful and could not thank you enough. I did apply on wisegeek but they’re not hiring at the moment

    I was wondering if there is any way to get in touch with you personally, Sherry? Perhaps skype or if you get my id in your comments tag, do me up on msn 🙂

    Much love,


  17. Taseer Ali

    September 25, 2011

    My friend, I would like to thank you for all the effort you have put into this. All the research you have done must have consumed a lot of time. Very nice ov you and i want to let you know WE ALL appreciate it.

    A little something i would like to add is , whenever you write about a site please also mention if asians are allowed to work for it or not.

    Thanks much
    Kind regards

    • Hello, Taseer. I’m so happy you appreciate the content here. I will definitely try to find out if Asians are permitted to work for the different jobs I post. Most of the jobs do not hire those outside the U.S., but some allow any writers to apply. For example, wiseGEEK and The Content Authority allow anyone to apply. Other bidding sites, such as Elance, oDesk and Guru.com usually allow anyone from anywhere to bid on the jobs; however, you’ll need to check each job for specifics before bidding to make sure. Wishing you the best — Sherry

  18. Hello.

    Your blog post is really, really useful for people like me, namely non-native English speakers. We are taken for a ride by content mills and their like. Your post is an eye-opener.

    Please continue with your good work. I, as well as several other freelancers, would also like it if you could come up with a list of companies that accept anyone and everyone for their “freelance writer” positions.


    • Hello, Al. Always warms my heart to know that someone finds something helpful on this blog. I’ll definitely have to do that in the somewhat near future. Probably half the followers of this blog are non-native English speakers who would appreciate it. Thank you for the suggestion. 😉

  19. thank you for this fabulous article! exactly what i was looking for. i have a question about seed and the plagiarism part of the exam. did it seem to you that these might all be “trick” questions and might all be “yes?” that’s the way it looks to me. i can find some fault with each of them. am i being overly-critical?

    • Hello, Betsy. Thank you — so happy this was helpful. It’s been so long since I applied and was accepted that I don’t remember the questions. I don’t know if you’re being overly critical, since producing articles for Seed can be quite frustrating. Unless they’ve changed their approach, your articles is not guaranteed for acceptance. Although the pay looks to be fantastic, I’ve yet to have one article accepted — submitted maybe five or so, but don’t have time to waste on writing articles that I don’t know for certain will be accepted. I even did my homework and found out on which websites the articles would be posted prior to writing them, and still was rejected. I don’t personally know any writers whose articles were accepted by Seed. It’s apparent everybody and their brother knows about Seed. I wish you the best with writing articles for Seed.

  20. I just want to say as a writer who has been freelancing for local magazines and PR firms for several years, that I am offended by the poor pay offered by all of these sites. It is just ridiculous. For someone just starting out, certainly; but once you have pounded the writing pavement so to speak and established yourself and your body of work, I cannot understand writing for these rates. It is an insult to our craft and the blood, sweat and tears put into our work. There is a value problem here and I don’t like it.

    Appreciate the post and all the info you provide here–thanks so much!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more, Leigh. What I’ve noticed is that as unemployment numbers rose in the U.S., more writers flooded the field, creating more competition and driving down pay for writers. In addition, a plethora of international writers appear to be quite fluent in American English and create more competition in the field, along with accepting very, very low pay per article. Can’t compete with that.

  21. quality post, I’m sharing it on FB!


  22. Cathy F.

    May 23, 2012

    I’ve made a little money from writing for http://www.textbroker.com. They have a wide variety of articles available from which to chose.

    • I’ve not heard anything negative about Textbroker, Cathy. If it’s not already one of the companies listed on my “Writing Jobs” tab (main page), I will add it. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Very nice post. I simply stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say
    that I’ve really loved browsing your weblog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing in your rss feed and I am hoping you write once more soon!


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