Hello, cyber writing world.  Welcome to Writing 4 Effect.  I am so glad you’re here.

The purpose of this blog is to:

  • Introduce writers to a growing list of companies that are always hiring writers.
  • Provide a list of websites that post freelance jobs.
  • Identify annual and periodic writing contests for writers to enter.
  • Create a forum for sharing and exchanging writing strategies.
  • Introduce myself as a writer to potential clients.

The jobs listed on the “Writing Jobs” tab are NOT temporary or short-term positions.  They are solid writing opportunities.

Some pay relatively well.  Some do not pay well at all, but include revenue share, so you have the potential to make quite a bit.  Others are revenue share only, which sometimes can pay quite well. Most allow you a by line, so you can build a portfolio for your freelance resume.

I believe if we are willing to exchange information as writers, we will be better equipped and informed on where to find writing opportunities.  We will also know which opportunities to avoid.  This will help us all save time and effort, and get the biggest bang for our writing buck, eh?!

Please click on the RSS feed or sign up for my e-mail list to subscribe.  You never know when something new will pop up that you don’t want to miss.

Thanks for visiting, and come back often.

Sherry Davis Zander

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  1. Bravo! The Internet has overloaded us with claims we don’t have time to lift the cover to review. The freelance employment community is highly bombarded. Writers have to band together and help cherry pick the harvest.

    I only discovered your blog recently. But was pleased to find some content service companies that I am familiar with. If I had found your blog sooner rather than later, I’d have saved hours upon days of researching for freelance companies.

    I recently signed up with The Content Authority. I see there are comments about it and others. SEO writing is a genre unto itself. For writers who write fiction, SEO writing is a new window to make some pocket change. Although people may write fiction, it not common to receive payment, particularly for unknown writers, and those writing micro work like short stories, poems, flash fiction. Compared to publishers of fiction, and those online in particular, while they offer ‘publication’, the compensation compared to SEO is non existent. I think SEO content companies should be commended for this reason and more.

    Just as some vendors and publishers have niches, SEO content providers also do. I have written or had access to nearly all the companies mentioned on your site, and TCW is the only one that offers “Rewrites” for pay. The turnaround is typically swifter than writing something from scratch. Consequently, I’ve made more in shorter time than some of the other sites. On top of that, TCW pays weekly, with min. earnings of $25. The others sites typically do not pay weekly, and do not offer rewriting. Original articles, rewrites and unique article writing are what TCA offer as writing opportunities. Their other niche is turnaround. Turnaround for writes is 8 hours.

    Textbroker.com, which didn’t seem to appear on your blog, is a major content provider. It boasts over 60,000 freelancers on its team. They offer a bulletin that always has article assignments. Over the last 6 months or so, the number has been as high as 2,300 at one time. The pay is industry standard and higher. Writers provide anyone whatever writing content needed. This includes content for blogs, websites, press releases, etc. The work covers numerous categories, and often has writer-friendly topics that do not require extensive ‘research’. Writers are assigned a level of proficiency from 1 to 5. Their respective proficiency allows access to comparable client assignments. Writers are granted access to all levels at and below their level. Clients can pay as they wish so long as it is above the minimum for that level. Writers can also set their own price structure for assignments and for direct writing.

    Besides the bulletin board, writers can receive direct orders from clients. Recently, Textbroker added proofreading work. Writers must pass a test to access these assignments. The turnaround for Textbroker is variable. Typical turnaround is 24 hours. Some assignments may allow 2, 3, 7, or 10 day turnaround. The turnaround is determined by the client. An author who misses a deadline can attempt to pull the assignment back from the bulletin board. If successful, the time clock starts over for their deadline. Textbroker pays bimonthly upon requesting payout by their deadline. The minimum required to request payout is $10. Textbroker pays 1-2 days after their pay request deadlines, often first thing in the morning.

    • Excellent information, Jasmine, so glad you posted this comment.

      I was approved to work for Texbroker, but have yet to complete any articles for them, so I did not have this wealth of information from which to draw. I hope the other readers see this.

      Just for clarification, when you mention “TCW” do you mean TCA?

      Yes, Textbroker is one that will be added down the road, as well as Groupon, Associated Content, Bright Hub, EduBook and a whole slew of others. It’s a work in progress this list of jobs that are always hiring … ☺

  2. I really enjoyed reading you Blog so many great posts, blogging is a whole new world for me. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Sherry

    Enjoy your blog and especially your guest posters!. Good job and great advice….. Hope you will visit me again too.

  4. Hi, Christine. You know, I have a hard time reading you posts, because it makes me want to BE THERE — lol! The next time I get down there, all I have to do is read your past posts and I’ll feel like I’m home. You do a great job of sharing the highlights of the community and getting the word out about Palm Coast. Who would not want to visit there?!

  5. I must say, I just happened to stumble across your blog and I’m thankful that I did. I’m trying to get started in freelancing and because of your posts I’ve found some good and reputable sites, as well as “hearing” some good advice. Thanks!

    • Hey, BEW, so glad you stopped by and found something helpful. My intent in starting this blog some time ago was to help new writers since I had so many problems finding freelance writer websites and direction when I first started in 2006. It’s changed quite a bit since then due to the visiting seasoned writers, but still has, hopefully, lots of helpful stuff for newbies. I visited your blog and I love the template and think you’ve got a great start on things. BTW, I know of a reputable publisher when you’re ready to get your novel published that charges nothing and you receive a larger net than from any other publisher on the market. My friend has used AWOC.com for her past two books and is very pleased with the service. Please let me know if there is ever anything I can do for you.

  6. You’re welcome, and I wish you great success in that — 😉


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