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In May 2010, Yahoo! purchased Associated Content (AC) for about $100 million. AC accepted me as a freelance writer maybe two years ago. I just checked on my account and my profile is still there. I believe they accept anyone, but I could be wrong. I have yet to submit articles, but I think I may do so in the near future.

New Writing Opportunity

On March 3, Yahoo! announced the kickoff of the its new Yahoo! Contributor Network Featured Contributor program through AC. It opens up new writing opportunities in which you may be interested. You must submit an application by March 15 to receive a response by April 1. Beyond that, Yahoo! committed to respond within two weeks of application submission.

According to the program detail statement, if selected:

“… you’ll receive special recognition on your profile, prominent exposure within the Yahoo! Contributor Network, one guaranteed assignment every month, and regular assignments (including beat assignments) to write for a whole host of Yahoo! websites (and partner sites, too!)”

Other benefits are that you receive $15 per article and you get a byline.

Visit the applicant page for more information and to apply.

Specialty Writers

The new program wants writers who are inspiring, informative and entertaining and specialize in a certain field of expertise. Automotive, entertainment, finance health and lifestyle feature writers should apply, along with politics, sports, technology and travel writers.

Exceptional Benefits

One of the exceptional benefits of Yahoo! AC is that they pay daily, up-front via PayPal. There aren’t many sites that do that. Check out the Yahoo! AC Featured Contributor FAQs for more details about the program.

Anybody already a contributor for the site? Please share your experience with us.

6 Responses “Associated Content” →
  1. Sherry,
    Thanks for your information. I did apply for Yahoo Associated Content and got accepted and had my first article published. Check it out.

  2. Congratulations, Adeline on your acceptance and the publishing of your first article. Way to go, girl!


  3. Anum tariq

    September 5, 2011

    Hi Sherry,
    This is all absolutely great! I am a relatively new writer and the pay rates being offered at most job sites are really low,could you please post more job openings for medical writers and others like, where a new writer could get a well paid long term writing gig? I would be very grateful,Thank You!


  4. Nisha

    May 10, 2012

    Hi, Sherry

    I am Nisha, i would like to start my career in medical writing. Cud you please advise me ?

    • Hello, Nisha. I just did a Google search under the term medical writer jobs and found a plethora of them on and other sites. Do that search and I think you’ll find plenty to which to apply.


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