New Job Postings

Posted on June 16, 2010


The next few posts will highlight different sites that post writing job ads.

This first one spotlights Jessica Bosari hosts KillFive, a website dedicated to all things Internet writing. She offers a plethora of advice for blogging, writing, SEO strategies, finding work and what she describes as “code for writers.” Subscribe to KillFive and you’ll receive a sporadic listing of the what Jessica considers the top 10 job ads for the day.

Many of the job ads seem to be top quality and pay well. Some of her job ad links lead to job listings. You can register for a free account at for writing and other jobs. For the most part, however, unless you upgrade to a subscriber’s paying account, a minimum of $24.95 monthly or $149.95 annually, you aren’t allowed access to bid on most of the jobs.

Honestly, I’ve never liked having to bid on jobs or pay websites for access to writing jobs. I just won’t do it (or haven’t so far!), and I’ve found many good paying writing jobs on my own. I have no idea how easily it is to get a decent paying job through Guru, since there is so much competition. I did notice that many do not pay very well at all. I thought maybe KillFive had some experience with the site, so I recently sent a message for Jessica asking about her experience with I will provide her response in a later post.

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