Introductory Email for Writing Applications

Posted on November 23, 2010


I thought it might be helpful to some of you if I provided an example of what I use to apply for writing jobs. Whenever I see a job ad in which I am interested, I modify my standard email and tailor it to the requirements noted in the freelance writing ad.

For all you other writers out there, please let us know of other ideas you have found effective. It will be interesting to see what works for you.

Here is the basic introductory email I send:

Dear [insert the name noted in the job ad — if no name, I don’t use this]:

I am very interested in your job posting I found at this link — [insert link here].

I’ve attached my resume and included a summary of my work experience below in my cover letter, along with several links to posted writing sample. My resume contains a number of relevant references.



Since August of 2006, I have written copy for wiseGEEK, No Limit Thinking LLC, Vox Real Estate, and a variety of other companies. I signed a non-disclosure agreement to write academic copy for Wiley Publishing that will begin sometime in the near future; write copy for Fox News “About Town” online edition; and produce articles for Charm on the Space Coast Magazine (offline) as a featured finance writer. Agate Publishing just offered me a freelance position to write four chapters of an academic business course as a ghostwriter.

Here are links to several of my posted articles:

I can write a broad range of copy effectively. I have 14+ years of technical and non-technical writing experience, including 4+ years of experience in freelance copywriting.

Prior to freelance copywriting, my writing skills were used in technical roles.

Beginning in 1994, I worked for Sprint as an IT project manager. My position required extensive technical and non-technical writing and presentations to the enterprise on the projects/products for which I managed. Writing often consisted of white papers, discovery documentation, customer requirements, technical requirements, intent to invest documents, request for proposals (RFPs)/responses to RFPs, business cases and technical and non-technical manuals for enterprise-wide projects that I managed.

For two of the nine years I worked at Sprint, I wrote methods and procedures (M&Ps) on technical and non-technical applications and train the enterprise on the same.

After Sprint, I went to work for the family business, which required more business writing in the form of proposals, contracts and company communication. I achieved a BA in Business Management and Human Relations from MidAmerica Nazarene University in May 2004.

The business was preparing to be sold, so I went back to Sprint Nextel as a contractor. Since that job ended in August of 2006, I have been working on investments and freelance writing projects.

I hope I have the opportunity to discuss this position with you.

Best Regards,

Sherry Zander