Writing and Other Freelance Jobs!

Posted on April 28, 2011


Email subscribers to my blog have enjoyed a daily notification of the top five writing jobs of the day until recently. Instead, I sent my email subscribers what I believe is a major bonus — the sources I use to obtain the daily top five jobs.

Now, I’ve decided to share this list with my entire readership.

Here are all the job sites I pull from to find freelance writing jobs. It might take some time, but register with them all and set up automatic job notifications for the ones that will let you. Monster, CareerBuilder, Yahoo! Careers and others allow you to set up searches specific to location to automatically be notified (daily, weekly, etc.) when those jobs become available. Some job sites allow you to join for free, but only allow a snippet of the job description and don’t allow you to apply, unless you pay for premium full access and visibility — I simply copy the content of the blurb of the job into a Google search to find the full job description elsewhere, so that I can apply for it if I’m interested.

Please comment if you know of other job sites that post freelance writing jobs or other remote worker positions.