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Happy New Year 2014!!

January 2, 2014


We have now entered into a new year with a promise of new hope, new vision, new dreams and new life. At this time, people often make resolutions to change their lives for the better. Some of the most common ones are to lose weight, stop smoking and being more philanthropic. I typically look at […]

It’s So Hot in Kansas …

August 1, 2011


In regards to temperature, it’s been miserable in Kansas for the past two months. We’ve had the occasional downpour, but it has not made a difference in the sweltering highs. To offset the miserable conditions, someone came up with a quite entertaining tribute to the temperatures. I thought I’d share it here.   IT’S SO HOT AND DRY in Kansas…. […]

Interview With a Drug User

June 18, 2011


I recently conducted an interview on the subject of the legalization of marijuana with someone who finds significant relief from the drug. I thought I’d share her experience with you here and find out your thoughts on the topic. Unorthodox Medical Treatment Yields Significant Relief Struggling with the aftermath of what she initially thought was […]

Is the Left the NEW Right?!

May 3, 2011


I cannot tell you how many times I began to enter an establishment through what was traditionally the “entrance” door when someone was coming out of it. It happens to me fairly often and mostly by adults. Is this a new trend?! I ask because I don’t think it is going away. When it happens […]