Writing, Blogging, Spelling and Punctuation

Posted on September 12, 2011


Whether you write or blog for a living, spelling and punctuation could be defining factors in your success.

You might be a writer that blogs or a blogger that writes for a living, but both of these scenarios require spectacular spelling and perfect punctuation skills.

Why is it so important to perfectly portend and punctuate your penned opinions? As a writer, everything you author reveals your skill to people. Include run-on sentences, leave out a period, write “there” when you should have used “their,” and your skills come into question.

Not only that, but it looks sloppy and implies that you don’t care about the quality of your writing.

In the writing arena, if you want to make top dollar for your skills, you must show you have top-notch writing skills worth paying the big bucks for.

Showcase Your Skills

A blog is one of the best venues to showcase your skills and advertise your expertise. What some writers don’t realize is that their blog is a showcase of their skills. Potential clients visit the blogs of writers applying for work to check out the:

  • Quality of the writer’s skill.
  • Topics on which the writer blogs.
  • Tone and voice of the writer — e.g., Is the writer upbeat or contentious? Does the writer provoke controversy or deep thinking?
  • Overall aesthetics of the blog — I believe this is more of a subconscious act — again, speaks to the perception of quality.
  • Page rank and other SEO factors.

Writing Strategies

Some strategies I use to promote my blog and writing skills include leaving comments on other blogs, interacting on social websites and creating quality posts for my blog.

I try to comment on other’s blogs as often as possible for a variety of reasons:

  • Over time, visits and comments help their page ranking – and they almost always (if not always) reciprocate.
  • Allows backlinking to my own blog — if it’s a popular blog, then my blog benefits from it.
  • It makes me visible to many who may not know me — they check out (and sometimes subscribe to) my blog, because they see my comment on someone else’s blog.

Interacting on social websites provides me many advantages and benefits:

  • Promotes my work and brings in new subscribers to my blog.
  • I’ve gained new clients due to interacting on these sites.
  • Enables me to develop relationships with others in the same profession (networking) – I support other writers and they support me.
  • I’ve developed many, what I believe will be, life-long friendships.

Creating quality posts meets a variety of needs:

  • Presents content worth reading and revisiting.
  • Showcases my talent – hopefully in a good light!
  • Allows me to practice my writing skills.
  • Creates a broader portfolio of work.
  • I get to write on what I want to write on.

In doing the above, some strategies necessary to promote your writing and ensure your writing skills are always viewed favorably are:

  • Write clear, crisp, concise content (3C’s).
  • Pay attention to punctuation and spelling, even when leaving a comment on someone else’s blog.
  • Write complete sentences.
  • Pay attention to the use of homonyms — words that sound the same, but have different meanings — e.g., their, there, they’re and bald, bawled and balled.
  • Don’t be negative and critical of the blog on which you comment, but do be factual — it’s okay to challenge information you find on a blog if you’re respectful in doing so.

Become very conscious and careful of your writing skills. It may seem tedious in the beginning, but you’ll get used to it in no time and feel like you’ve always written that way.

What strategies do you use to promote your writing skills?