Teeth Whitening Day 1 and Day 15 — Comparison

Posted on May 20, 2011


Today is the day I announce the winner of the Whitening Lightning Super Booster whitening pen. Yesterday, I drew a random name out of all those who “Like”-ed my NEW Facebook Writing 4 Effect page, including additional entries from those of you who also registered for my blog via email.

For those of you already registered for my blog, but who also “Like”-ed my FB page, I entered your name twice for the drawing.

Before I announce the winner, I want you to see the difference between Day 1, before I started using the teeth whitener, and Day 15, the day after I finished using it.

Please tell me what you think about the final results of my using this product.

Day 1 ... BEFORE using Whitening Lightning

Taken today -- 5/19/2011

No, the product did not cause the lovely fever blister on my lip. Speaking of lovely, you never know how confident you are about your looks until you post closeups of your mouth wide open for the entire world to see and scrutinize!

Although, there is still some yellowing from my early years of using Tetracycline to combat infection, it has significantly diminished. The product boasts that this can last up to 6 months. I don’t believe the pictures adequately show the dramatic results. I could see it from Day 1 with my naked (will probably get more porn SPAM for using that adjective) eye. When cropping the pictures, I noticed that the flash reflected caused a yellow reflection on my teeth — I took the pictures while looking in a mirror — maybe not the best way to do that.

After posting some pictures, someone asked why I was using this product to boost “Like”s for my Facebook page. It’s because it is the first teeth whitening product I used that never hurt my teeth. I used Crest strips and other whitening strips, but they all hurt me from the very first day I put the strips on my teeth. This NEVER hurt me at all and it significantly whitened my teeth compared to before I used the product. I’ll be getting another whitening pen to finish off the residual yellowing from my childhood.

For those of you who have yet to do it, please “Like” my Facebook page. I would greatly appreciate it. Please let me know if any of you have a FB fan page and I will “Like” it, too.

Visit the Whitening Lightning website for more information about the product. It originally costs $79, but for those of you who did not win, for a limited time you may purchase it for only $29 by entering this code — sherrywhitening. Betty hurry — the code is only active for so long.

Okay — time for the announcement. The winner is … Sherryl Perry — CONGRATULATIONS! I’ll be contacting Sherryl privately to obtain her mailing address and will ship her the product within the week.

Thank you to all who participated — you’re awesome!