What Are You Going to Do Today? I’m Gonna Save the World!

Posted on April 22, 2011


This is an orphaned baby I would have saved.

Yep, that’s me in a nutshell. Since I was a little kid, I wanted to save every orphaned animal I ran into. You can imagine with all the places kids go, how many helpless critters I found.

Not only am I going to adopt all the orphaned animals, but as an adult I’ve gained a great appreciation for world hunger, so that’s another item on my current to-do list — feed all the hungry children on the planet.

By-Product of Saving the World

One curious by-product of having the need to save the world is that it transfers over to other things I do, like addressing the gamut of blog topics. That’s a hard one, because one of the strongest marketing tools we have as bloggers is our brand. Although your logo is part of your branding, the type of content you blog about is another aspect of your brand.

Drawbacks to Saving the World

Consistency is key in branding, so you must be careful of your content topics when creating blog posts. You want your topics to reflect integrity in posting. The drawbacks to saving the world is that you may lose current subscribers and turn off new visitors. For example, if your brand is marketing via social networking, you may not want to post about your dog’s misadventures — unless you can directly relate it to your brand. As a writing blogger, I think I can (hope I can) get away with sharing posts about personal adventures, computer issues and rants I experience (wouldn’t want to hide that from you!) all on one blog.

Honestly, I don’t know that maybe some of my posts appear to be written by a schizophrenic; although, I’m not (my husband would challenge that one). I just know that I blog about whatever pops in my head, and I try new things on occasion just to see how it works. Experimenting is not bad if it helps establish you more strongly as a blogger and helps you more clearly define your niche.

My Philosophy

This is my philosophy about blogging: Blog about that which you are passionate. If your topics are too broad and muddy the waters of your blog’s intent, create additional blogs to post on those topics.

Hopefully, what I do works well enough to assist, educate and entertain those who visit — to keep them coming back for more.

Tell me how you approach blogging.