It’s All About Me!

Posted on March 29, 2011


Ever get the feeling when visiting a blog or website that it was all about them and not about you, the visitor?

Or do you know someone who carries this attitude that you work with, are friends with or have to associate with via other relationships?

That’s a great thing for a website created specifically for a company to sell products or for a blog sharing life with friends and family — you know, all those baby pictures, family photos and family videos that family members would not otherwise see.

It’s tricky, however, for blogs that want to sell their wares. There is a talent you must have if you’re gonna make an “all about me” website attractive. Let me give you an example.

My Crazy Friend, Jason

I have a friend who is incredibly gifted at computers and computer systems. He’s also gifted at making situations all about him and making you enjoy it.

Jason is a clown at heart and loves attention. I’ve known him for several years and I don’t know a situation where he didn’t make me appreciate that the spotlight was on him.

I don’t know if he was deprived of oxygen as a baby, deprived of attention growing up or just enjoys the spotlight, because it’s a gift for him. He easily sits at the center of attention and enjoys it … and people enjoy watching him enjoy it.

I was a singer on a church worship team he led a few years ago. It was nothing for Jason to begin randomly bouncing crazily around with his guitar looking like a weeble-wobble toy on crack, while others of us were seriously working out our harmonies.

You never know what he’s going to do next.

Unsurprisingly, Jason is now trying his hand at comedy. He just started doing his stand up on open mike night at a local night club. I haven’t visited yet, but will go in the next couple of weeks. Who could miss watching him make a crazy fool out of himself making others laugh?!

Jasons of the Blog World

In the blog world, those are the kinds of people who successfully make it all about them and make you enjoy it in the process. They take you on their journeys and make you laugh … or cry … and you are grateful.

They share their everyday situations and make them sound so intriguing, you wish you could experience them in person – but vicariously through the blog will have to suffice. And that’s okay with you, as long as they keep on posting.

Bullies of the Blog World

In contrast, other blogs market their wares and make you feel like you’re being taken through a time-share presentation. Anyone who’s been to one knows the pressure I’m talking about. It’s like visiting the dentist for a root canal. It’s such a power-sell that the blog’s landing page makes you want to get offline and schedule a visit with your therapist, you feel so bullied.

If you’re going to sell products on a blog and make it all about you, make sure the experience is enjoyable for your readers, folks. You don’t want to lose them before you get them!

Anyone else out there landing on a blog that resembles my friend, Jason?