Life Bushido — New Announcement!

Posted on March 17, 2011


I just received an email from Lifebushido regarding a new opportunity for those of you who are interested. Visit the previous post on my blog that provides some details about the company. See the following for the content of the email and details regarding the opportunity — it appears to be time-sensitive.


I am sharing a Lifebushido Update with the over 4,000 people who have applied for a job with Lifebushido or been hired since 2006.

We sometimes have an unusual approach to hiring a new group of people.  We are seeking to hire 10 people within the next 10 days who prove they are a great fit with Lifebushido and our focus on unique talents. Lifebushido is growing steadily. We grew about 70% in 2010, have over 70 clients, and over 100 part-time assistants on payroll last month.

I am a lucky guy.  I was born on March 17th in San Diego, CA on St. Patrick’s Day.  I decided to reach out to find 10 people out of the 4,000 receiving this email to find great new people to join Lifebushido and work on business, creative, or social entrepreneurial ventures.

People Looking to be Hired by Lifebushido

If you have never completed a formal job application and uploaded to QuickBase, you will need to complete those steps first.  If you did that in the past, update your recruit DB record at  If you cannot find it, start over and add a new application.

Here are steps for applying for job and background on company:
.  See for updated version of background emails about all aspects of Lifebushido.

  • Complete and update your online job application and complete all new fields
  • Do something positive to share the Lifebushido vision and focus on unique talents.  Be creative, be out-of-the-box, show us what you can do.
  • Reply to this email and attach your resume and job application and your story of what you did to share the Lifebushido vision and results.
  • We will hire up to 10 people by 3/31/11.
  • I will reply to all emails received within 1 week of receipt.

Lifebushido and Ideas for Doing Something Positive
The following are some web pages about Lifebushido which may give you some ideas.

Special note to about 10-20 people:  If you are someone who I have interacted with in the past, whether you did work for Lifebushido or not, and you connected and understood our vision, please reconnect. I am interested to know how your life is going and projects you are involved with.  I am happy to help you and share my experiences.

Feel free to forward to friends who may want to apply for Lifebushido.

Keep in touch,

Steve Kantor

7706 Oldchester Road, Bethesda, MD 20817, USA