Underwear Revisited

Posted on March 16, 2011


I want to continue my underwear theme from yesterday. Some things just trigger a tangent in me.


This post is rated PG-13

As I was looking for simple photos of underwear on stock.xchng, all these other crazy photos popped up under my search. I thought, what the … ??

Since I had to experience them, I am sharing them with you, too. How special is that?


#1 — Is this a butt, and is that underwear? If so, they must still be working on it ’cause it doesn’t look finished to me.

#2 –This one kinda scared me. I have no idea why it popped up on an underwear search. I also have no idea what this neon person is doing … and I don’t want to.

#3 –I think I just realized the point of this one — there were underwear on this clothesline, but someone stole them … pervert.

#4 — Man boobs. If you got ’em, flaunt ’em.

#5 –I found the missing underwear from the previous picture. I can see why they were returned.

#6 –There is a mannequin molester on the loose in stock.xchng. By the way, is that a crime? I’m just sayin’ …