It’s Like MasterCard — Don’t Leave Home Without It

Posted on March 11, 2011


Authors and writers in the market to sell their works to high-paying magazines and book publishers should get their hands on the listings in a copy of the Writer’s Market, a book that tells you “where & how to sell what you write.” It’s like the MasterCard of books. Don’t send out inquiry letters without it.

Deluxe Edition

You’ll find over 5,000 markets and, if you buy the deluxe edition, you get access to over 2,500 more. The book gives you detailed information about specific publications, contact information (contact name, address, email address, etc.) for each and what each company pays writer/authors.

Buy a deluxe edition and you’ll also get a year of free access to the Writer’s Market website that provides excellent resources on what to charge for various freelance writing gigs, how to put together a query letter, expert advice and more. I found 2010 deluxe editions starting as low as $8.85 on Amazon.

Get Published

If you want to get published by the New York Times, GQ, Redbook or PC magazine, you need this book. The book includes a plethora of publishers, literary agents and writing contests, as well as numerous trade, men’s, women’s, young adult and other magazines and publications.

Beware of the 2011 edition as a few consumers noted that some information was outdated in the 2011 edition. Check out the reviews on Amazon before you buy.

Anyone had experience with the 2011 edition?