Add Pizazz to Your Grill — Dental, That Is!

Posted on March 10, 2011


If working from home like I do, you probably don’t have paid dental insurance through an employer. You need to decide on dental insurance or a dental plan. I found dental plans to be far more economical.

I don’t typically meet my clients face-to-face, since they are located in other states. I recently, however, made two connections with some here in Kansas City and certainly wouldn’t want the condition of my teeth to break the deal. Good thing I believe in dental work to keep my grill in tip-top shape.

Dental Insurance Vs. Dental Plan

Dental insurance is distinctly different from a dental plan. If you have dental insurance, you pay a monthly or annual premium, along with a deductible and copay for dental services. The insurance company reimburses the dentist directly for payment of your office visit. Most dental insurance companies allow customers to use the dental profession of their choice.

Dental plans, on the other hand,  charge a monthly or annual subscription fee for discounted rates at participating providers, and consumers pay the dentists for services rendered. Companies that issue dental plans negotiate reduced rates with providers before offering the dental plan to consumers. Providers that choose to participate agree to the negotiated rates. Users of the plan only receive the discount through dental professionals who participate in the plan. Oftentimes, a dental plan includes a vision plan and other health coverages.

I scoured the ‘net a few years ago and found the best priced dental plans available. I continue to compare rates and coverage to ensure I still have the best plan possible. offers a variety of dental plans. I subscribe to the one with the best coverage of any dental plan I found on the Internet for my area in Kansas. I pay $169.95 per year for the Uni-Care 200 Discount Dental Plan. I pay nothing for cleaning, x-rays and many other minor procedures. Discounts and coverage change relative to the area in which you live, so search plans in your area and compare pricing and coverage before signing up for any dental plan.


My friend in Okahoma (also named Sherri, only mine has a “y”), swears by AmeriPlan. It costs $20 per month for family coverage and $15 per month for individuals. She says it gives her family the best rates she could find anywhere; however, this plan does not provide the best rates and coverage for my area. You can sign up with AmeriPlan here.

Cost and Coverage

I checked out several dental insurance plans, but none of them allow any major dental work until after the policy is paid for and in place for a minimum of 12 months. When I did the math on the trade-off, it was far less expensive for me to get a dental plan, and the cost for treatment was much less. I came out way ahead on the dental plan. My grown children are also on my dental plan, and you can’t do that with most dental insurance policies.

Again, all costs depend on the area in which you live. You may find a dental insurance that covers just the same or even more as a dental plan.

Anyone else found a dental plan or insurance that is inexpensive and offers dramatically discounted rates?