Online Music — Jango

Posted on February 16, 2011


What do online music and writing have to do with each other? I have a very good explanation for that.

If you make a living from writing, you’re typically either writing articles all day long or adding pages to a manuscript. I like to cram all my work together to get it out-of-the-way, so I can spend time with my family at night. That requires me to press in throughout the day and complete my work.

Stress Reliever

Tapping into music/radio websites can be a great stress reliever when completing your writing responsibilities for the day. My favorite music website is Jango, because I can customize my own “station” and even create several if I want. Jango allows you to make up your own playlists, which you create under a station that you name. I have my easy listening, hard rock, jazz and Christian stations created, which enables me to click on the station that I am in the mood for, or I can even click on other people’s “stations” if I want. Other registered users can also click on mine if they want.

And Jango is great about keeping up with current artists and new releases.

Customized Playlists

Once you register with Jango, it’s easy to create your own playlists. Simply click on “Create New Station” in the upper left-hand corner, then do searches under the artists and songs you want to add to that station. Once you get your stations created, listen to one. The songs you selected randomly play for your listening pleasure. Jango throws in some along the way, too. If you don’t like them, you can click on the unhappy face Rate-bad and you will never hear that song again. If you like new songs, click on the happy face Rate-ok and Jango will play it again sporadically. Click on the love it face Rate-good and you’ll hear it play often.

Music Artists

For those you who write music and record it, Jango will play your recordings for a fee on the stations of your choice. This allows new artists to gain recognition and provides backlinks to their websites to further their fan base.

The music website provides many more advantages than I’ve mentioned here, but this gives you an idea as to why I enjoy it so much.

Jango is not the only music website available, but it’s the one I’ve found that’s easiest to tailor to my favorite listening needs. I just plug in the earbuds and it makes my work day seem less stressful.

Tell us what your favorite online stations are and what you do to ease the stress of your day. We’d love to hear it.