Brand or Trademark

Posted on February 15, 2011


Taken from Minyanville publication --

Spies for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) are easily identifiable. Canadian Press (CP) tells us we will know them by the CSIS crest on their pins, key chains, t-shirts, hoodies and other clothing and souvenirs worn or carried.

CP caught wind of the leak that CSIS instructed their personnel to refrain from wearing anything with the CSIS crest on it outside of work.

Apparently, the spies thought no one would take notice of the unique emblem and were walking among their friends and neighbors with the crested pieces. What does that tell you? If you see the crest, that spy did not get the memo.

My point in sharing this story is that every business should have a brand or a trademark that sets it apart. It helps people identify it from all the others out there, just like the unique crest did for Canadian intelligence workers.

If you want to stand out, create or develop a brand for your writing business. You can do this through a visual crest or emblem. Mine is the verbiage you see when you land on my blog page. I use this same name as a brand on my Twitter page.

You can also brand yourself through the way you post. Some post in snarky soliloquies, others post using dramatic tales and even others post using practical everyday common sense language.

I think finding your voice in posting is probably the most challenging, because there are so many good ways of presenting information. You also want to be unique in your presentation, so it takes time to find your “voice” in posting. If you’re just starting off, frequent blogs of bloggers who blog often. “Listen” to their writing “voice.”. Mirror the different methods they use to share information. You will eventually find the voice(s) with which you are most comfortable.

Want some good examples? Stephen King, Steven Spielberg, Joseph Waumbaugh and Jackie Collins. They all write in different genres, but made each of their writing styles into a brand of sorts. You’ll want to do the same.

Create a visual brand that sets you apart and helps people identify you when they see you leave a post on someone else’s blog AND find your voice in the way you want to post. Your brand or trademark and voice are what will set you apart from the other writers of the world.