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Posted on February 11, 2011


New hard-copy magazine is looking for housewife or househubby writers. It doesn’t look like there’s any pay involved, but you do get a by line and bio. A by line gives you credibility with higher paying magazines, such as Redbook, Us, Better Homes & Gardens, etc.

See the announcement as follows …


Housewife’s & Husband Writers Network

106 Fletcher Drive

Logansport LA 71049

318-697-5649 or 318-201-4651

Email: marcies04@bellsouth.net


(Sorry, had to make an edit to correct the link — the previous link they provided was wrong!)

Housewife’s & Husband Writers Network

is a bi-monthly magazine for housewife (and husband) writers. Each issue contains articles on writing – we encourage housewife and husband writers to send in articles on how they juggle roles of work, being a mother or father writer with little ones under foot all day – from the dirty dishes and laundry saga to nurturing sick babies and being able to continue a writing career – this is the kind of articles that we need for our publication.

All articles must be 1000-2500 words

‘My First Sale’ pieces – 500 words or less

Poetry – no more that 20 lines – 3 poems per author

We offer our writers a credible byline and they may include a brief bio about their published credits. Payment is 5 copies per writer, and a free year’s subscription to our magazine (a $35.00 value).

To subscribe to Housewife’s & Husband Writers Network, send check or money order for $35.00 and the form below to:

Housewife’s & Husband Writers Network

106 Fletcher Drive

Logansport LA 71049





Phone: ________________________________________________________________

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