Linked In

Posted on February 9, 2011


If you want to get the word out about your talents, regardless of what they are, you should target a social network or social networks. LinkedIn is the first step to networking with quality businesses for a variety of purposes.

LinkedIn is a good one to use for networking to grow your business. Companies approach me on occasion to do work for them through this website. Join the community, then do a search for employment companies, technology companies or other companies for which you have the talent to write. Use keywords that describe about what you write.

For example, if you write law articles, search for attorneys or lawyers or law offices. Food writers should search using keywords, such as food, food distribution companies and food network or food channel.

Writing Job Opportunities

Not only have I made some good employment contacts, but I’ve made very good business contacts that may result in future writing jobs. I’ve found writer and blogger groups that are very helpful in discovering strategic ways to market a blog or website. Some are quite experienced and advanced in their tactics. They help businesses looking for writers find you.

Sharing Helpful Information

Another helpful aspect of belong to LinkedIn and specific blogging and writing groups within the community is that we share information that helps others in the group.

For instance, WordPress is always coming up with add-ons. When they are new, it’s hard to tell how well they work. Users comment on bugs found in older add-ons, but not the new ones. In our groups or forums, we share that information and find out right away the ones that have kinks that need to be worked out BEFORE we all actually download the add-on.

Mutual Business Relationships

The other thing I like about the groups to which I belong on LinkedIn is communicating with fellow writers. We encourage and support one another. One of the ways we do that is to exchange comments on each other’s sites.

If you already belong to LinkedIn, you may want to consider branching out and using the network more effectively to boost your business. Also, send me an invite and we can share our contacts and groups in which we belong. One of my connections, Jeff Korhan, has a great post on personalizing LinkedIn for more strategic business marketing and networking. I advise you to visit the site and use his strategies in concert with this post.

If you are already a member and have found some very good strategies for using the community, please comment here and let us know. It’s always fantastic to find out new strategies we all can use to further our income.