Discount Coupons

Posted on February 4, 2011



Sketchers Shape Ups only $40 with MyPoints 60% off discount!

As a full-time writer, my income ebbs and flows. It’s often feast or famine, depending upon how much work I have at the time.

In efforts to save money, yet not scrimp on quality, I’ve found some companies that provide high discounts for products I intend on buying, anyway.

MyPoints is one of my fav’s. I am typically able to cash in points for about $150 or more in gift certificates every year for companies such as Home Depot, DSW,, Applebee’s, Banana Republic, Bass Pro, Bath & Body Works, Foot Locker and a whole slew of other national chains.

Other discount sites to which I subscribe include KC Rewards (local to my area) and Groupon. In fact, I bought my jazzercise membership from KC Rewards for only $59 for 3 months. Now, that’s a bargain with no strings attached.

There are tons of other discount sites that provide discounts for web shopping, such as Buy.Blorge, Top Online Shopping and RetailMeNot. They all provide current coupons and discounts for national chain stores.

Regardless of your income, you can save some Benjamins joining online discount companies and subscribing to discount and coupon websites.

What can it hurt besides putting a few extra bucks in your pocket?!

Looking after you …