Writing and Working Out — and Never the Two Shall Meet

Posted on February 3, 2011


Sedentary Lifestyle

Working in a home office doesn’t burn many calories and sets you up for a sedentary lifestyle. Initially, when I started writing full-time, I found time to walk my dog almost every day. He’s the Field Jack Russell posing in a prostrate position in the picture in this post.

I know he doesn’t look very energetic here, but Huey used to take me on a 45-minute power walk down to the local lake, up the hill to the ball fields, twice around the walking path surrounding the fields and all the way back home.

It kept his nails trimmed and helped me stay somewhat in shape. For some reason, I lost interest in doing it last year and found some weight that someone else left lying around. It slipped on silently and inadvertently when I wasn’t looking.

Well, I’m looking now, and it hit home that I’ve got to do something about this special edition I’ve gradually accumulated. Even though I have an upstairs workout room equipped with treadmill, bicycle and stereo DVD, I haven’t been able to get motivated to use it consistently.

Fight the Battle of the Bulge — Exercise!

Sooooo, I saw a coupon for 3 months of jazzercise and “jumped” on it. I just started last week on Monday, 1/24/2011. I expected to go there and see all these thin, toned women. Instead, the ladies come in all shapes and sizes, so I fit right in. My muscles are still cursing me for it, but I am so glad I did.

I am telling you all this to encourage and challenge you to do something. If you’ve noticed that you’re not getting much of a workout at home, try a gym membership for a while. Look for a coupon online or in the local newspaper that gives you a discount or introductory trial membership. Not only will it benefit your heart, but you may end up with some new-found friends.

I think this jazzercise class is just the kick in the pants I needed to not only get my blood pumping, but also to get out and socialize in the neighboring town. I never really had the chance to do that when I was working full-time outside of the home, and never thought about doing it once I started writing full-time. I never really saw the opportunity until now.

Don’t think that my new-found routine means that I will leave Huey in the dust. In fact, I think it is the springboard for reinstating that old walking routine he and I used to have!