Who Do YOU Think You Are?

Posted on February 1, 2011


Who do you think YOU are?

This post kind of dovetails into yesterday’s in a way.

A few years ago, when I began writing web content, I consistently ran into the name of a certain web-content writer. I won’t say who this writer is, nor will I reveal this person’s gender, so I will simply refer to this writer as “he.”

This writer touted that he was the most famous and best-paid writer on the web. No one else was saying this about him, but he was, and he did it often. He still does on occasion.

He also guest posted on a variety of writer blogs to make sure his name and link to his website were consistently noted for Google rankings.

A couple of years ago, this writer, still claiming that he was the most famous and best-paid writer on the web, sort of revealed his income. With that small revelation, it became clear that this web writer was obviously NOT the best paid writer on the web when he first started saying he was years before.

What’s interesting to note about this story is that he now IS one of the top-paid writers on the web.

This approach to seeking success paid off very well for this writer. He claimed who he was before he became who he is.

Who do you think YOU are? What do YOU want to accomplish? Who do YOU say that you are? What will YOU do to get there?

For the aforementioned web writer, he was the most famous and best paid web writer in his own mind BEFORE he actually began making real money in the profession and became better known. His consistent announcing of this now has him well on his way to achieve his goals for income and to become a household web word.

I am not encouraging everyone to follow in this writer’s footsteps. I am simply providing what worked for this writer.

Honestly, this somewhat speaks to me, because I don’t think many of us do enough to promote ourselves and our talents. If you’re like me, you are continually learning and may not always feel like you’re an authority on a subject, because there is so much more to learn and accomplish.

I also realize, though, that the old saying is true: if it is to be, it’s up to me.

If you want to gain success and achievements in life, you must take charge of your life and move it ahead.

This web writer did just that in his own way and continues to press ahead for bigger and better achievements.

In today’s web environment, there is a broader variety of effective ways to draw and retain a captive audience for a blog and increase income.

What strategies have you used to promote yourself and your blog or website? Which ones did you find work best?

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