What Should YOU Blog About?

Posted on January 26, 2011











Have you thought about starting a blog, but don’t have a clue on what subject you should blog? Or maybe you already have a blog, are thinking about starting another and are not sure what to discuss?

If you want to write on a popular topic, you could use Google AdWords (see previous post) to find out the highest ranked subjects and select one of those.

One really common way, though, to decide on a topic for your blog is to blog about a subject on which you are passionate and where you can provide a service to others. The other consideration is that you must have knowledge on the topic to be perceived as credible to your blog audience.

It was easy for me to decide what subject on which to blog, because I have a passion to write. The other passion I have is to help others become successful at writing. The best way I knew how to do that was to start my own blog.

I have professional friends who blog about horses, cooking, photography and other topics in which maybe everyone is not interested. These friends, however, enjoy writing on their favorite topics. They love sharing their ideas and expertise and receiving comments from their readers. For many, it is the perfect social exchange.

If you can’t decide a topic on which to blog, try this effective exercise. Take out a pen and blank piece of paper, and draw three columns. Name your headings from left to right, Blog Ideas, Pros and Cons. List  a minimum of five ideas that drive you or on which you are passionate and fill in the other columns relative to their headings.

The blog topic with the most pros and fewest cons wins. Now, go out and start that new blog … with passion.

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