Google Ad Words for SEO

Posted on January 25, 2011


If you’ve been writing or blogging for very long, you’ve probably already heard of Google AdWords and what makes them so important in regards to one aspect of search engine optimization (SEO).

Google tracks the number of times people use words and phrases in online searches, and you can view the results using the Google AdWords tool. The benefit is that you can see the most searched keywords to use in your blog post or article. Using the highest ranked keywords helps optimize visits to your blog or article by making sure yours ranks high when someone does a Google search.

Simply type in the topic or phrase you’re thinking of using in your post or article in the Google AdWords keyword search. The results reveal the keywords used most to access information related to your topic or phrase. Look through the list and note the keywords used most. Use the highest rated keywords, and your article or post should rank higher when people search on it.

It’s a great tool for optimizing visits to your blog or article.

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