What Do You Want to Be — Who Do You Want to Emulate?

Posted on January 21, 2011


Have you given thought to what you want to become in life and who you want to emulate or mirror? Those are questions we often relate to young teenagers or younger adults, not those of us who are older.

These questions, however, are important for everyone to ask, regardless of whether they are 16 or 76. We all need goals in life to feel that we are achieving something. As human beings, we have a need inside each one of us to feel important. Achieving goals in life makes us feel important, like we are of value and contributing members of society.

We also need people in our lives that challenge us, people we want to emulate. That’s what makes us grow emotionally, spiritually and financially.

I grew up in a very challenging situation. I didn’t have family members that I would want to emulate growing up — I think there are lots of us out there like that. So, what I decided early on in life was that I would always have one or more friends that were more articulate than me, made more money than me, were much more talented than me and could influence people more than me. These are the people I emulate. The people I emulated changed as I achieved certain goals in life or due to life situations changed.

I can’t tell you how much that changed my life and still does. When you come out of the situation in which I grew up, you don’t think you will achieve very much. Your aspirations in life are very simple, and you don’t expect a lot of good to come out of your life. You hope for it, but you don’t really expect it. There is a difference.

Once you press ahead and jump through a few of life’s hoops necessary to arrive at rudimentary accomplishments, your confidence begins to grow. You begin to think that maybe you can accomplish even more, so you set your sights higher.

This is all accomplished by setting goals of what you want to become and emulating those that are already there.

It’s progressive, this thing in life that leads us to achieve. You must overcome many hurdles to gain the confidence necessary to press ahead and do even greater things.

I want to challenge you to set goals that you would love to achieve, but don’t think you can. I don’t care how unrealistic they are, but do give some thought as to whether you would enjoy these goals once you achieve them. That is important to consider.

Also, what have the rest of you done to achieve accomplishments in your life you thought were out-of-reach? I would love to hear your stories.

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