Constant Content — Article Consignment Shop

Posted on January 19, 2011


Constant Content provides a service to customers needing website content and writers wanting to get paid for writing website content.

Customers needing content submit orders on which writers must bid. Some writers complete enough orders that customers contact them directly for content. These writers can often charge more. Part of its function is also as an article consignment shop. Writers create content and make it available for sale on the site.

I registered with Constant Content, but have yet to provide article samples for customers to purchase. I’ve seen a lot of requests for $10 -$20 for 500-word articles, but there are others that pay $30 – $50 and more at times.

For each order on which you bid, you must complete one-third of the article and submit it on a request form, along with other article-related information. The customer receives the orders and decides on which writer to use. Customers may receive 100 bids or more for one job.

To gain access to the database of orders, writers register with the site, create a profile with credentials (upload copy of certifications and degrees), samples and even articles available for purchase. Writers may sign up to receive email notifications for article orders on certain topics and bid on new orders available.

To become a Constant Content writer, all you have to do is create an account. For more information, visit the company’s writer FAQs, submission guidelines and Author Forums. You don’t have to be an approved Constant Content writer to ask questions.

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