Becoming a Blogger

Posted on January 17, 2011


If you’re going to promote a product or service, the first thing you must do is become a blogger. Free blogger templates allow new bloggers to begin blogging with no out-of-pocket expense. Depending on the company offering the blog, they often enable valuable plug-ins you’d pay for if you had a paid blog or website.

The only drawback I see to subscribing to a free blog like WordPress is that you cannot host any affiliate marketing on your site. In fact, WordPress prohibits you from making any profit at all off their free blogs or sites.

Probably the most popular free blogger templates are offered by WordPress and Blogger, but there are lots of others that provide an abundance of beautiful and creative blogger templates and helpful plug-ins.

I haven’t researched all the free blogs available, but have created blogs using WordPress, Blogger, and All are quite easy to use.

If you’re looking to make money on the Internet, you’re going to have to begin blogging.

Although, there other steps necessary to get your product off the ground, beginning a blog is the first.

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