Free Article Databases — Do They REALLY Drive SEO?

Posted on January 11, 2011


If you do a search on “article database free,” you’ll find a plethora of free article databases. These article databases allow writers to subscribe and contribute for free. I don’t know of any that require writers to be experienced in any specific area of expertise.

I mention these, because there are benefits to writing for quality article databases, in particular, SEO attributes.

Even if you are an experienced author, this could benefit you. You include backlinks to your website or blog, and people click on them to visit your site. Google’s web crawler uses this type of information to rank web pages. The premise is that higher ranked web pages receive a higher number of visits and result in higher revenue for the company that owns the site.

I have some articles posted on It is where one of my highest ranking articles resides (only a “2,” but it IS ranked — LOL!). There are lots of other article databases, though, that contribute to SEO for your website or blog, such as and

I personally like; although, I have yet to find time to publish articles on this site. I especially appreciate this article database because it provides learning opportunities, instruction and feedback from the community of writers. There probably are others out there like this, but I don’t know of any.

If you’re looking for more visits to your site, I know from experience that contributing to several free article databases can increase your Google page ranking. I did some work for a marketing company and that was one of their most successful SEO tactics. They increased page ranking in as little as two weeks, depending on the number of different articles posted on different databases.

For more information about each, visit the respective websites, join for free and see if you experience more qualify traffic.


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