Writing a Book

Posted on January 9, 2011


I am currently working with two authors on writing two separate books that will be published later this year. I’ve written “books” for major companies in the form of instructional manuals and standard methods and procedures, but I’ve never written one published in the public sector.

My past experience, though, is perfect for my present assignments.

Since I am not the expert on writing a book for the public sector, however, I did some cursory research and found several links to top Google results with some very good advice.

Scott Berkun gives us several tidbits that we should consider at the onset of thinking about writing a book. I paraphrased some of his information below and added some comments of my own.

ANYONE CAN WRITE A BOOK: It doesn’t take a rocket scientist, doctor or a professional of any kind. It just takes someone willing to put pen to paper and create it. You should have decent writing skills or get help from a talented editor before presenting your book to a publisher.

YOU WILL BE REJECTED … MANY TIMES: You have to know going in that publishers are picky, and you must be willing to go with the flow, follow instructions and submit copy on time. If you’re not disciplined, writing may not be for you.

FAME AND FORTUNE … PROBABLY NOT: If you’re doing it to make the big bucks, you might want to reconsider a different line of work. Over 100,000 books are published in the US annually, and most sell only 1,000 copies or less. Even if your book does take off, it may not be until years down the road.

FINALLY … WRITING IS REWARDING: Berkun enjoys it and so do I. I get great gratification writing something that someone else finds interesting, useful or entertaining, and I don’t mind putting in the time it takes to do it right.

If you want some good basics on how to write a book or get published, visit Scott’s website or others listed below — they were all found doing a Google search for “How to Write a Book:”

I offer personal writing and editing services. If you need a ghostwriter or editor, send me a message at Writing4Effect@yahoo.com.

Happy writing … ☺