Neutral Existence — $20 to $30 Per Article

Posted on November 1, 2010


Want to make $20 to $30 per article? Write for Neutral Existence.

Here’s the quote from the website:

Neutral Existence is currently in need of talented writers to help us build a large database of environmental articles.

We have two options available for potential writers:

OPTION 1: Exclusive Articles

Exclusive articles are articles which are written specifically for the Neutral Existence website where exclusive rights will be granted to Neutral Existence for a period of no less than 60 days, at which point the article may be freely distributed across the internet. The article will be shown on the main website or blog and published to our list in the form of a newsletter. This will give the author more traffic to their website as well as establishing a sense of authority in this market.

Neutral Existence will pay $20 to $30 per each published exclusive article and the author could possibly earn a spot as a staff writer with a monthly salary. We will be quite selective about the articles we will publish as the quality and content must meet a certain level of professionalism. If published 1/2 of the payment will be paid up front and the remaining half will be paid at the end of 60 days considering no duplicates are found elsewhere on the internet.

OPTION 2: Non Exclusive Articles

Non exclusive articles are those articles which have previously been published on the internet. Because of the nature of article syndication and the possible penalties given by Google to duplicate content, Neutral Existence will not be paying money to authors of previously published articles. However, we still feel that your articles will bring more value to our readers and members and therefor we will do everything we can to make sure you are compensated for your work.

We will host your previously published articles on our site, in the resource area, with YOUR Google Adsense advertisements in the article (your option). This will require that you sign up for an Adsense account and give us your unique “google_ad_client” (example: pub-8684203315917655) and we will insert the Adsence add in the article to create profits for you. you may also have your signature line at the end of your article where readers can click through to your websites. This combination will bring your websites more traffic and produce an additional income.

Adam Beazley
Neutral Existence LLC


Contact information for Neutral Existence is as follows:

Contact Us

Toll Free Number:

1-800-991-ECO1 (3261),  8AM – 8PM CST, MON-SAT

Contact Email:

Headquarters (for all communication):

Neutral Existence LLC

409 Lodge Drive
Lafayette, LA 70506



I just spoke with a company representative and he said that they are not hiring right now, but sometimes do. If you want to be considered, simply submit an inquiry through their email address noted above.

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