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Posted on July 22, 2010


If you’re looking for a new writing opportunity, Writer Access can provide that.

I applied a couple of days ago and was just accepted today.

Visit the Writer Access writer’s application page. Fill out the information and you should be accepted within a few days.

Once accepted, fill out your profile, check out jobs and navigate the site. Writer Access has just a few expectations that are standard for writers — e.g., don’t write in first person, etc.

The site has a simple format for job assignments. When accepting an assignment, you will see details for the article as follows:

  • Required Keywords
  • Optional Keywords
  • Minimum words required
  • Maximum words allowed
  • Maximum Pay
  • Time within which you must complete the assignment — just checked out a few and they all say “four hours”
  • To claim an article, click on the “Work This Item” button at the button of the page

Although their homepage for the writer application says “you can name your own price,” you actually select assignments from their list. Maybe that’s how you name your own price, you only select the ones you want to do.

I was accepted at a Level 3. I assume that is the “level” that they accept all their writers, but I could be wrong. Don’t know if you can progress to high levels, but I would assume so.

The pay is quite minimal, at least, for Level 3:

  • 250-word article = $2.10
  • 350-word article = $7.11

It’s not substantial, but if you need supplemental income, this could be a place for that.

If you’re interested, submit your application today!

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