Stay Thirsty Publishing — Book Publishing

Posted on June 18, 2010


Okay, I lied, you caught me. Instead of strictly adding posts for sites that offer current job postings, I’ll weave them into future posts, how about that?!

If you’re looking to be published, you may want to check out Stay Thirsty Publishing’s call for manuscripts.

Stay Thirsty Publishing is looking for new manuscripts from three veteran authors for its Stay Thirsty Press imprint and three debut or emerging authors or scholars for its Schiller & Wells, Ltd. imprint.

The company’s ad states, “If you are a veteran author who has been released by your current publisher or had a project with a major publisher recently canceled, or a debut or emerging author or scholar with a strong manuscript and a compelling personal story, we would like to hear from you or your literary agent. Please review our site and if you are interested in joining the Digital Book Revolution, email the first two chapters of your work, a brief synopsis, and your resume to If we are interested, we will contact you. Read about one of our newest books, THE GHOST DETECTIVE, to better understand our mission.”

For more information, inquire via email to:

GOOD LUCK, everyone!