Write for Seed

Posted on March 23, 2010


Okay, this might be the best writing gig ever if you can get your articles accepted. Write for AOL’s Seed.com website and pick your own assignments. The only drawback is that you may put a lot of time into writing something that ends up being rejected. You are not guaranteed that your submissions will be accepted.

What is the pay? You pick. Article picks can be found starting at $10 and pay up to $100, from what I have seen so far. I also understand there are articles that only pay per view, so you get nothing up front when it’s completed.

Applying is simple. Go to http://www.seed.com/ and register for a free account.

Click on “Get Started” and fill out the required information. You’ll receive an email from Seed that gives you a password. Click on the link and enter the password. Now, peruse the assignments, pick one out, write it and submit it. You will receive a response at some point as to whether or not your submission was accepted.

Keep in mind you could be competing with a horde of other writers.

For more information about writer expectations and Seed’s processes, click on the “Writer” link on the site’s home page.

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