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Posted on March 4, 2010


LIVESTRONG™.com is always hiring health writers. When you click on the link to apply, you see that the writing responsibilities fall under Demand Studios (DS), a company that offers a fairly robust healthcare plan. For more details about DS, please see the previous DS post.

To apply for Livestrong™, copy and past the following URL into your browser as the address has a break in it.

http://www.demandstudios.com/health-writing-jobs.html?  utm_source=LSjjobs&utm_medium=jobpost&utm_campaign=landing

The Livestrong™ ad always states the following:

LIVESTRONG™.com is a leading online destination for health-related tips and advice, attracting more than 4.2 million visitors every month. To ensure LIVESTRONG™.com visitors are consistently presented with the best answers to their diverse health-related questions, we are looking for freelance writers to create informative articles on thousands of unique topics. As a writer for LIVESTRONG™.com, you’ll be able to share your health knowledge with a large and vibrant community while earning a reliable paycheck and extending your personal brand on one of today’s leading health websites.


* Claim assignments from our database that you’re most interested and qualified to write about

* Assignments vary in length and format with most averaging 300-500 words and addressing thousands of unique topics such as diabetes, cancer, nutrition, mental health and exercise

* Payments are issued twice a week for each completed article. Current writers earn an average of $20 – $25 range depending on their familiarity with the topics and their writing speed

* Your byline follows each article helping build exposure and authority around your name and writing

* Tenured writers gain access to affordable group health care

QUALIFICATIONS:  Candidates must have one or more of the following qualifications:

* Masters of Science in a medical field

* Accreditation in health

* Experience writing about health-related topics in a medical or health magazine, newspaper, journal, blog or other health website

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