Glimmer Train Press, Inc.

Posted on February 3, 2010


Want to get paid $700 for writing a story,  become a published author AND be able to keep your publishing rights?

Submit your stories to Glimmer Train Press, Inc.

Glimmer Train is a periodical with a distribution world-wide. The company not only hosts a periodical, but they offer writing contests throughout the year.  If you are interested, below are some of the requirements and benefits of writing for Glimmer Train:

  • The company does not accept non-fiction, children’s stories or novels.
  • Submissions must be fiction.
  • It costs you nothing to submit a “Standard Story Submission.”
  • If your standard story is accepted, you receive $700 upon acceptance and become a published author.  They keep first publication rights only.  You, however, keep the rights to your story to have it published again at any other time by any other publication or in your collection.
  • Submissions to Glimmer Train contests cost $15 to $20 per entry.
  • Contests are held throughout the year.
  • If you place, you could win up to $2,000.

It costs you nothing for a general submission and you have $700 to gain, along with becoming a published author, if you are accepted.

It’s a win-win situation.

Get started at Glimmer Train here —

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