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Posted on January 22, 2010


Write for Conjecture publishes articles on wiseGEEK.com and a couple of other websites.  They are looking for articles on:

  • Business
  • Technology
  • Science
  • Finance
  • Engineering

They are quite specific in their writing style — succinct and to the point.  Other requirements and aesthetics for their writer positions are as follows:

  • You work as an independent contractor.
  • You get a byline — includes your name, bio and picture.
  • Pay is $10 to $14 per article.
  • You pick the articles from their system with around 500 to choose from.
  • You are paid via PayPal, typically within 4 business days of submitting articles.
  • Minimum average length of 400 words per article.
  • They REQUIRE a minimum of 10 articles per month or else you are canceled as a writer.
  • Conjecture prefers 5 articles a week or more.
  • They own all content after submission.
  • They hire writers from all over the world; HOWEVER, you must have strong American English writing skills.

How do you become a Conjecture writer?

Phase I:

  • Send an e-mail to jobs@conjecture.com.
  • Include your resume and two or three links to sample articles — DO NOT attach articles.  If you don’t have links, you may insert all documents into your e-mail.
  • Specify all topics on which you enjoy writing into your e-mail.

Phase II:

  • You’ll receive an e-mail response from Conjecture asking you for a few more pieces of information — e.g., name for byline, PayPal ID, U.S. citizen status and statement forfeiting rights to Conjecture for articles submitted.
  • After you provide this information, they will respond with a logon and password into their system.
  • You will have to go into their system, check out three articles on which to write, submit them and wait for their determination.
  • If your writing needs too much editing, you will be dismissed.  It is critical that your writing is extremely organized, succinct and to the point.
  • If your writing is accepted, you will be required to sign a formal agreement with Conjecture.
  • If not, they will notify you.
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