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Although, eCopywriters pays their senior writers relatively well, it may take some time to arrive at that status.  According to the company’s system information, there are 5 levels paid 1.8 cents per word to 5 cents per word.  I believe I received an e-mail from them recently indicating they would be broadening their levels to 7.

After being accepted as a writer for eCopywriters, you typically start off at Level 1 or Level 2.  The system indicates that you could be promoted to the next level within 3-4 weeks.  They say the criteria for “promotion” depends on the quality of your writing and how often you accept and submit assignments. I have to say, though, I don’t know anyone above a Level 2. Not to say that there isn’t. I just don’t know any.

For each of the 5 levels you are paid as follows:

  • Level 1 = $.018 cents per word
  • Level 2 = $.020 cents per word
  • Level 3 = $.030 cents per word
  • Level 4 = $.040 cents per word
  • Level 5 = $.050 cents per word

That means for a 500-word article you are paid $9.00 at a Level 1 or $10.00 at a Level 2.

I initially applied to the company and was accepted in April of 2009, but was busy with other projects. I believe I was originally assigned a Level 2. I finally considered taking on some of their assignments in October of 2009.  I misunderstood the pay levels, though. I thought the pay was 18 cents per word for a Level 1, 20 cents for a Level 2, and so on.  I became very excited at the possibilities. After submitting several articles, I finally realized what the pay actually was.

In addition, the pay timeframe is quite lengthy. I was paid on 2/1/10 for all articles I completed and submitted from 10/14/09 to early-December 2009. That is 3-1/2 months to get paid for the first article I submitted.  In addition, I completed assignments for them from mid-October to early December 2009 and have yet to be “promoted” again.

When accepting eCopywriters assignments, the system will only allow you to claim one article at a time.  When you complete the one assignment and submit it into the system, you may claim another.  If you do not complete an article within the assigned timeframe, the system will reclaim the assignment, put it back into the system and you will have to claim the assignment again.

The writer section of the eCopywriters website is very organized.  You will find everything you need to take on new assignments, since details are provided in the system – article title, specific keywords to be used, content expected and how many words should be contained in the article.  If you write more words than assigned, you may or may not be paid for them.  It all depends on the final, edited article.

One caveat you need to be aware of if you decide to write for eCopywriters is that even if you are accepted as a writer, you may be dismissed if your articles require too much editing.

My experience is that the people behind eCopywriters are friendly and helpful.

Interested in writing for eCopywriters?  Register at  The system will send you an e-mail with further instructions on how to be considered to write for the company.  I believe one sample article is required for consideration or maybe samples of past articles.

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