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Posted on January 17, 2010


Content Divas seems to hire writers fairly regularly.  To be considered, go to, fill out the form and ask what is needed to be considered to write for the company.

What will they require from you?  Two writings samples as follows:

  • One 500-word article and one 300-word blog post.
  • You don’t get paid for either.
  • They don’t use the samples, they are yours to keep.
  • Their reasoning is that they need you to write the samples to make sure that you are the author.

There are very few companies that don’t require a sample article; however, most pay you for it.

They pay $18 per 1000-word article; however, that “1000-word article” may be divided into 500-word articles and/or 250-word blog posts.  I’ve often seen 300-word blog post assignments mixed with 500-word articles, too.

So, in reality, you only make $9 per article or around $4.50 per blog post.  After completing several “packages” or “half-packages,” you may be qualified for higher paying writing jobs at Content Divas.  If I understand the package assignments correctly, a package involves 30,000 words or more, and a half-package has 15,000 words that span 30 business days and 15 business days, respectively. 

If writing a 30,000-word article, you make $540, and for 15,000 words you make $270.  I saw a post by a Content Divas editor recently that mentioned she could sometimes complete four articles in an hour, and she made significant income from it.  I could see that if you are editing documents; however, I have difficulty imagining four 500-word documents written from scratch in one hour … even if no research is involved.  And, $540 isn’t significant unless you’re completing several assignments simultaneously.

When an assignment begins, the writer is required to complete and submit into the system 1000 words per day of the assignment — Monday through Friday.  A Content Divas editor told me that press releases pay $50 each, but you must be referred by one of their editors to be “promoted.”  Other writing assignments include ebooks and reports.

Shelby Larson, the owner of the company, said that she has been around for several years writing web material.  She’s created quite a machine with Content Divas.

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