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It’s So Hot in Kansas …

August 1, 2011


In regards to temperature, it’s been miserable in Kansas for the past two months. We’ve had the occasional downpour, but it has not made a difference in the sweltering highs. To offset the miserable conditions, someone came up with a quite entertaining tribute to the temperatures. I thought I’d share it here.   IT’S SO HOT AND DRY in Kansas…. […]

Format a Manuscript to Submit to a Contest, Magazine or Other Publication

July 25, 2011


I just received a request from one of our members here asking how to format a manuscript to submit to a publication — in this case, it was the Good Housekeeping Fiction Contest I noted on a previous post. Don’t worry, there’s still time if you want to check it out. I found good starting […]

How to Stay on Target

July 4, 2011


Guest Post by Christine Speno @ Those of us who are self-employed or working virtually may have a particular hard job of staying on task.  This is especially true if you work from a home office.  I know for me, I have to set boundaries so that I don’t let distractions interfere with my work […]

Interview With a Drug User

June 18, 2011


I recently conducted an interview on the subject of the legalization of marijuana with someone who finds significant relief from the drug. I thought I’d share her experience with you here and find out your thoughts on the topic. Unorthodox Medical Treatment Yields Significant Relief Struggling with the aftermath of what she initially thought was […]

8 Easy Steps to Warm up Cold Calls

June 6, 2011


Guest post by Jennifer Woodard @ … The biggest obstacle when starting a freelance business is getting your first clients. Everyone is touting social media marketing and it is a great way to connect with potential clients but it can take time to see the efforts of social media marketing bring in paying clients. One […]

Know Your Worth!

May 23, 2011


Guest Post by Samantha Bangayan … If you’re just starting off as a freelance writer, it can be difficult to gauge how much you should be paid. A lot of freelance writers seem to be doing well making around $10 to $15 per article with content-creating companies, such as Demand Studios — who manages […]

Teeth Whitening Day 1 and Day 15 — Comparison

May 20, 2011


Today is the day I announce the winner of the Whitening Lightning Super Booster whitening pen. Yesterday, I drew a random name out of all those who “Like”-ed my NEW Facebook Writing 4 Effect page, including additional entries from those of you who also registered for my blog via email. For those of you already […]

Attacked at the Dentist Office — Part One!

May 5, 2011


I have so many adventures regarding visits to the dentist. If you knew them all, you’d wonder why I’d ever go back. To enlighten you, I’ll share one of them here in this post. In my early 20s, I found a local dentist from India who did great dental work. I liked him very much. He […]

A Tribute to One of My Fallen Heroes

May 4, 2011


I believe most people who have worked in the corporate world for a while can remember someone who made a significant impact on their lives. For me, it was a previous manager at Sprint named Diane Taylor whom I call one of my heroes. Battle With Epilepsy She wasn’t a firefighter, didn’t fight in foreign wars […]

Is the Left the NEW Right?!

May 3, 2011


I cannot tell you how many times I began to enter an establishment through what was traditionally the “entrance” door when someone was coming out of it. It happens to me fairly often and mostly by adults. Is this a new trend?! I ask because I don’t think it is going away. When it happens […]


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