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Application for Writing Jobs

September 26, 2011


In one of my early blog posts, I asserted that writers need to create a standard introductory email that’s ready to send out in a moment’s notice in response to writing job ads in which they are interested. Not only do you need a standard introductory email ready, but have you heard the old cliché “the early bird […]

How Much Are You Worth?!

August 8, 2011


Whether you realize it or not, your worth is constantly being measured. It’s measured by what you and others think of you and your talent. How Is Your Worth Measured? As a writer, your worth is measured by what others are willing to pay you and by what you are willing to accept. Although you […]

Medical Freelance Writing Jobs — MDRG

March 21, 2011


MDRG is always hiring. If you have medical expertise — education and/or experience — the Medical Resource Group (MDRG) may be the right gig for you … and it’s not just for writers. Writers often have a portfolio of other experience, which may be put to good use for this particular company. If interested, visit […]

Life Bushido — New Announcement!

March 17, 2011


I just received an email from Lifebushido regarding a new opportunity for those of you who are interested. Visit the previous post on my blog that provides some details about the company. See the following for the content of the email and details regarding the opportunity — it appears to be time-sensitive. ———————————————— I am sharing […]

Associated Content — New Yahoo! Featured Contributors Program

March 7, 2011


In May 2010, Yahoo! purchased Associated Content (AC) for about $100 million. AC accepted me as a writer maybe two years ago. I just checked on my account and my profile is still there. I believe they accept anyone, but I could be wrong. I have yet to submit articles, but I think I may begin doing it in the near future. […]

Job Ads Postings — Don’t Miss Out!

January 24, 2011


TOP FIVE JOBS ADS On 1/31/2010, I will begin sending out the daily Top Five Job Ads to those subscribed to my email list. If you want to receive the top five jobs for the day — Monday through Friday — you’ll have to sign up to receive email notifications from my blog here. I run […]

SR Education Group IS HIRING!

January 20, 2011


I just received a response to a job ad I answered for SR Education Group. The company notified me that they are hiring. I won’t be accepting the position, but if you are interested, please contact Tara directly at her email address — Here is the content of the email I received from SR […]

Constant Content — Article Consignment Shop

January 19, 2011


Constant Content provides a service to customers needing website content and writers wanting to get paid for writing website content. Customers needing content submit orders on which writers must bid. Some writers complete enough orders that customers contact them directly for content. These writers can often charge more. Part of its function is also as an […]

Suite 101

January 13, 2011


Suite 101 is an article database that pays writers revenue share. You’ve probably already heard about the company. It’s been around for over 10 years and hosts a bevy of writers. Some call it Suh-weet 101, since they say they reap bountiful rewards from it. Okay, they don’t really call it that, but, based on […]

Freelance Writers for CopyPress

November 21, 2010


Anybody heard of CopyPress? I saw a job posting for writers on for CopyPress and was wondering if anybody already works for them. I did a bit of research and found that the content site is the child of BlueGlass. They call themselves a full-service marketing company. They’ve had the content production in the alpha […]


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